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Who Is The Falcon on Revenge?

Update: In Revenge Season 2, Episode 19, "Identity," it was revealed that The Falcon is hacker Edith Lee.

The surprises just keep coming on Revenge. In tonight’s action-packed episode, “Illumination,” Nolan was knee-deep in nerd jargon when a hacker jumped onto his hard drive. At first we thought it was the American Eagle symbol and a league of evil preppies was responsible, but Nolan quickly identified the intruder as “The Falcon.”

No, this isn’t a member of The Avengers, but rather a super hacker who is employed by the Graysons. In a quick flashback we see Nolan explaining the mystery man to David Clarke.

“The Falcon, he’s a hacker legend. His only flaw? His ego,” Nolan tells David. “He leaves his name in everything that he codes. The Graysons paid a lot of people for a lot of lies, but this is the one person they could not have framed you without.”

Now The Falcon is protecting the bank account established to protect the Graysons' assets in case The Initiative pulls another stunt.

“Whoever wrote the code protecting this bank account is the same person who sealed your father’s fate,” Nolan tells Emily. “The man, the myth, The Falcon is back on the Graysons' payroll.”

“Then let’s go hunting,” Emily replies.

But who could this “Falcon” be? It’s clearly got to be someone closely connected to Conrad and Victoria. We did spy former author-turned-blogger Mason Treadwell in the promo for next week’s episode, “Victory,” but Mason’s behind bars and probably lacks access to the computer. Plus, Nolan had to set up Mason’s own blog for him and chances are a world-class hacker could work a WordPress account.

Maybe the chameleon Ashley Davenport has some ties to The Falcon. She did send those pictures of Daniel being arrested to major news agencies last season undetected by everyone except Nolan.

But whoever this elusive nerd is, he or she has just become Em’s latest target. Our deepest sympathies, Sir Falcon.

Who do you think The Falcon is? Tell us below!

04.28.2013 / 12:30 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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