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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Recap: Season 2, Episode 20, “The Evil Queen”

In this week’s Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 20: "The Evil Queen," Regina learns she’s not as popular as she thinks, Emma and Henry bond over some breaking-and-entering, and it turns out that fire and magic beans don’t mix.

Time for Operation Praying Mantis

The episode begins with Greg and Tamara trying to convince Hook to team up with them. They show Hook that his crocodile is still alive, and they want him to align with Regina in order to learn Greg’s dad’s whereabouts. This must be OUAT's umpteenth fake alliance.

Regina isn’t thrilled about not being included in the planned vacay to Fairytale Land. She tries to get Henry to leave for Fairytale Land with her, thus destroying Storybrooke and everyone else with it. When he not-so-surprisingly isn’t onboard with that, she erases his short-term memory. Uh, so Regina is now borrowing powers from Will Smith’s character in Men in Black?

Hook visits Regina to warn her that Greg and Tamara want him to team up against her. He promises to help her and help carry on Cora’s legacy, then giving her the cuff that Cora gave him. People have strange heirlooms on this show.

Emma bumps into Tamara and sees that she has a list of fairytale characters with her. Suspicious, she and Henry embark on a stakeout and then break into Tamara and Neal’s apartment for clues. What, don’t you and your mom break into people’s homes in your spare time?

Typically, everyone in movies and TV shows thinks to hide things under loose floorboards — even though no one does that in real life. But this time, no such luck.

Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC    

A Push in the Right Direction

Regina takes Hook into a cave to find the trigger for her plan. She apparently isn’t as in love with Hook as we are, as she then shoves him off a cliff and makes him fight a reinvigorated Maleficent. (Maleficent is back, and she's pissed.) Meanwhile, Regina grabs the gemstone that she needs.

However, Hook doesn’t die (hooray!) and is instead saved by Greg and Tamara (uh-oh!). Get ready for some good ol'-fashioned Crazy Logic: The bracelet Hook gave Regina is somehow “using science” to prevent Regina from having magic. So the U.S. has invested billions of dollars to understand nanotechnology, and yet Tamara and Greg seem to have it mastered? If you say so.

Finally, David and Snow go to check on their magic beans, but they’ve been decimated by fire. We know that refried beans are delicious, but we probably wouldn’t recommend burned beans.

Where There’s a Wilma, There’s a Way

In this week’s flashback to Fairytale Land, Regina is dismayed to realize that the villagers are more loyal to Snow than to her — although killing entire villages won’t necessarily change anyone’s minds.

She gets Rumple to transform her into an villager named Wilma and is shocked by how much all the other villagers hate the queen. When the queen’s men are about to remove an important part of her anatomy — i.e. her head — Snow shows up and saves the day. Note to Regina: This is why people like Snow more than you.

Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC    

Snow nurses “Wilma” back to health, telling her there’s still some good in the queen. However, when Snow sees the pile of dead villagers, she realizes Regina can’t change. See, people — this is why you should always dispose of the mass amounts of corpses you make after your killing sprees.

When Regina blows her own cover, she tries to get Rumple to rescue her. But he’s a no-show, so she hightails it out of there. When she finally meets with Rumple, she announces that the Evil Queen is here to stay. Once you go evil, you never go back.

Three Biggest Mysteries of the Night:

— Greg implies there is a reason besides his father’s disappearance to explain why he and Tamara want to take away Regina’s power. So we’re assuming this has something to do with Tamara’s motive. Could she be getting revenge for her grandmother, whom she has referred to in the past? Or does Tamara just have rage issues?

— Hook is hard for us to put a finger on — or a hand, for that matter. Will he remain aligned with Greg and Tamara, or will his occasional sense of decency kick in? And can he and Gold just put the past behind them and hug it out already?

— Well, the magic bean crop was promising while it lasted. What now?

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