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Revenge Live Chat: Season 2, Episode 19, “Identity”

After three weeks of painful hiatus, Revenge Season 2 is back tonight with Episode 19, “Identity.” We’re only two episodes away from this season’s shocking finale and the drama definitely isn’t simmering anytime soon.

Tonight we will learn the identity of Nolan Ross’s current nemesis, The Falcon, and Daniel Grayson will be looking to take his relationship with Emily Thorne to the next level.

Join Wetpaint Entertainment for our “Identity” live chat! Keep refreshing for more updates and join the conversation in the comments.

9:01 — Emily stop trying to run out on Daniel when his shirt is off! Get down with your bad self!

9:03 — We're not quite sure why Victoria's so upset about Conrad's prying. After romances with convicted terrorists and art dealers, there's little she can do to shock us.

9:05 — Nolan just let a Nemily duo reign again! You've showered and had a cocktail. It's time for some revenging.

9:10 — How dare you question Nolan's skill set, Aiden! He's only been captured and tied up two ... maybe three times.

9:12 — So Victoria's missing son is named Patrick! But where is he?

9:13 — First Danny now Jack? Keep it in your couture, Ashley!

9:15 — Declan Porter in Harvard? He could write about lobster stealing for his admissions essay.

9:16 — Top nerd in the business and all Nolan can create is cheesy clipart? We're hiding behind our popped collars in shame.

9:22 — Takeda is back and rattail-free?! Cannot compute.

9:25 — Socialite teens making bad decisions in Manhattan ... did Gossip Girl get renewed?

9:26 — The Falcon is a female and Nolan's middle name is Leslie? Must remain calm.

9:27 — We've never seen a nerd battle get so steamy ... excuse us a moment.

9:30 — Victoria Grayson: The Heart, Soul, and Claws of Grayson Manor.

9:33 — Be care, Aiden. Takeda might sick his Japanese puppies on you!

9:36 — Will Emily finally make beautiful Grayson babies to further her mission and fill the Crewcuts catalogue? Fingers crossed!

9:43 — Umm, Jack. You can't break the bonds of the cellblock sisters Fauxmanda and E. Thorne.

9:45 — Clearly Char was tired of playing family with the Decster at The Stowaway. Playas, they gonna play.

9:47 — It looks like Nolan has shot down The Falcon. That's what she gets for messing with a Revenger!

9:53 — Nolan, that giant X clearly threw off Emily's revengey feng shui!

9:55 — Pro tip, Danny: Next time stick with the yacht-top orchestra proposals.

9:57 — Victoria's back in her white coat? That turned out so well last time...

9:59 — OMG, should we call them Volan? Nictoria? Dream team!

10:00 — Aiden has a weird way of romancing a girl. Introducing Mrs. Emily Grayson!

04.29.2013 / 07:30 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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