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Rob Kardashian’s Sock Line May Get Dumped By Neiman Marcus

Rob Kardashian has been hard at work on his line of high-end hosiery, from printed socks to sexy stockings, for quite some time now. Arthur George, as the line is called, hit Neiman Marcus just last November. Sadly, Radar Online is reporting that sales of the socks have dipped so low that the department store is considering dropping it, if things don’t pick up!

“Rob’s socks sold around the Christmas holiday, but since then no one has been really buying them,” a source from Beverly Hills’ Neiman Marcus told the website.

“We actually had to ship a bunch out to other stores because they weren’t moving at all. To be honest, a lot of customers bought them more as a gag gift. At this point it doesn’t look like we’re going order anymore.”

Yikes! Luckily, Rob’s online store just launched in February, so if his Neiman Marcus deal doesn’t pan out, he’s not dead in the water. We’re sorry to hear about Rob’s business troubles, but he must have known that $30 socks were going to be a tough sell, right? We're just sayin'...

Source: Radar Online

04.29.2013 / 11:40 PM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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