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Tila Tequila Claims to Create Electricty in Alarming New Video

Tila Tequila’s days on “A Shot of Love” may be over, but an alarming new YouTube video from the former reality star might prompt the question, “Has she taken a shot of something else?”

Tila has kept a low profile in the past year, following a brain aneurysm and drug overdose, but since completing rehab in April, 2012, she’s made headlines with her increasingly erratic online behavior.=

In her latest foray into internet videography, Tila claims that she can harness energy through her fingertips and create balls of electricity

“It’s pretty freaking awesome,” she says, while moving her hands back and forth in the video, entitled “Tila Tequila Creating Energy Balls & Electricity Out of Thin Air!”

“It’s purple and green,” she explains. “It is my energy. You see how I’m manipulating that... You see how it’s forming? You see the sparkles flying out of my fingertips?”

“There’s going to be smoke forming first and then it comes into shape and then you’re going to see smoke and sparkles and lasers and whatnot coming out of my fingertips,” she explains. “It actually gets really massive and I made a little wormhole before.”

While it might be tempting to play off the video as a joke, Tila’s increasingly paranoid blog posts and videos have been appearing for over a year now with no discernible motive. However, when a network announces “A Shot at Performance Art With Tila Tequila,” well, color us embarrassed.

Source: Radar Online

04.29.2013 / 04:53 PM EDT by Sarah Crow
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