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Grey's Anatomy

4 Reasons We Want Shonda Rhimes to Be Our New BFF

Whether you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fanatic or a tried-and-true Gladiator, we can all agree on one thing: Shonda Rhimes is the best. Not only did she gift us with two of the best dramas on TV, but she’s a no-holds-barred showrunner who gave life to countless fictional heroines — a welcome change in today’s male-dominated primetime climate.

Did we also mention we want her to be our BFF? From her extraordinary TV tastes to her feminist Twitter rants, here are four reasons we wouldn’t mind being besties with TV’s No. 1 boss lady.

1. She’s just as obsessed with Game of Thrones as we are!

Shonda Rhimes is many things, but first and foremost she’s a fangirl. So it’s not too surprising that Shonda would be obsessed with HBO’s fantasy epic Game of Thrones. (Isn’t everyone?!) However, when it comes to who she thinks should take the Iron Throne, we’re glad to see she’s firmly on Team Dany. “3 weeks behind on GOT. Which means I just discovered Daenerys Targaryen is the most awesome Dragon-Having-Give-Me-My-Throne Badass EVER,” she recently tweeted.

You see, Shonda, if we were BFFs, we would totally invite you to our Game of Thrones dinner parties! How do you feel about Direwolf ale and Jon Snow (peas)?

2. She tells it like it is.

Listen, ladies. Within your group of BFFs, there’s always that one friend who tells it like it is. That’s Shonda. Whether she’s telling you to quit sulking on Valentine’s Day — "Valentine's Day is just a day. It's just a day of the year like any other. Go. Be happy with the people you love and who love you,” she tweeted — or changing up your daily vernacular — “Calling a show a ‘guilty pleasure’ is like saying ‘I’m embarrassed to say I watch it but I can’t stop.’ That’s not a compliment,” she told Salon — Shonda isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Honestly, we admire her for it. As much as we hate to admit it, we all need a bit of tough love every now and then.

Anytime you want to have a dance party to “Single Ladies,” just let us know, Shonda!

3. She believes in equally.

It’s one thing to say you believe everyone is created equally, and it’s another thing to show it on TV. Shonda has been hailed for giving a voice to strong LGBT characters (look no further than Callie and Arizona’s epic romance on Grey’s Anatomy). So when one ignorant fan asked her why there were so many gay and lesbian storylines on Grey’s, she replied:

“Because I believe everyone should get to see themselves reflected on TV. EVERYONE. And because I love all my gay and lesbian friends. AND because I think same-sex marriage is the civil rights fight of our era and back when being a person of color was the civil rights fight, people like Norman Lear put black people on TV and helped change some minds. So you know, it's gotta be paid forward. As long as we are willing to sit by while one person is not free, none of us are free.”

Beautifully said, Shonda.

4. She’s a Whovian!

As if Shonda’s fangirl status couldn’t be any more epic, she’s also a major Doctor Who fan. Oh, and even though she prefers David Tennant’s Doctor, she obviously fell in love with Matt Smith. She loves Doctor Who so much, she even wrote it into Grey’s Anatomy. Remember when a Who fan lost his ear rushing up to get a signed TARDIS? Yeah, Shonda isn’t joking around when it comes to the Doctor. DROP MIC.

What do you think Grey’s fans? Do you want Shonda to be your BFF, too? Sound off in the comments!

Catch the next new episode of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday, May 2, 2013, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

04.30.2013 / 02:20 AM EDT by Crystal Bell
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