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Bones Spoilers For Season 8 Finale: Do Booth and Brennan Get Engaged?

If you don’t love Bones spoilers, look away now!

The Season 8 finale of Bones is shaping up to be pretty intriguing! Not only do we meet Seeley Booth’s (David Boreanaz) mother, there’s been speculation that he and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) might finally be on the road to marriage.

According to TV Guide, executive producer Stephan Nathan says there will be a "natural evolution of the characters" in the season’s last episode. Of course, since there will be a Season 9 as well, he admits they’re not in any rush to get them to the altar.

"Whether the itch gets satisfied is something certainly for another season. 'Will they or won't they?' is a question that people should continue to ask."

Since Seeley said he wouldn’t pop the question again — it will have to be Temperance who does the asking if they do finally get engaged — who knows what will happen in the episode? Well, TV Line does have a couple more Bones spoilers.

The finale, titled, “The Secret in the Siege,” “takes Booth back to a Ruby Ridge situation he was involved in years before. And Pelant, of course, is pulling some strings to complicate things further,” says Nathan.

In addition to the crazed hacker, viewers will “see one more surprising piece of the Brennan/Booth marriage dilemma,” teases Nathan.

What do you think? Will Brennan finally decide she wants wedded bliss with Booth? We hope so!

Can you imagine her going to dress fittings, putting together seating arrangements, and deciding between hydrangeas and lilies for her bouquet? Yeah, neither can we.

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