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The Bachelorette

Did Bachelorette Jillian Harris Get Engaged This Weekend?

Season 5 Bachelorette Jillian Harris has been dating super hunk / pro snowboarder / boat detailer Justin Pasutto for quite a while now, and she couldn’t look happier. But as we approach their one-year anniversary this June, we have to wonder: are they engaged?

On the weekend of April 27, Jilly hung with her darling fam (please enjoy this picture of her dad as a pirate) and brought her main squeeze home for some perfect photo ops. And although we would normally just chalk this up as another opportunity to be envious of her beautiful life, the photo struck us as a bit different than normal.

“Oh @sharlapike you are so talented. Thank you for capturing this love.@slipperygoose @scrubcaptain #photography #love #family,” Jilly captioned the photo. Hmm, looks like a picture fit for an engagement card! Not to mention three other things that have us thinking it may be so.

Credit: Instagram    

Season 1 Bachelorette Trista Sutter commented on the photo as well, saying “Love seeing you so happy!” while Bachelor/ette producer Cassie Lambert also expressed her joy for Jilly and Justin, saying “So happy for you two.”

On another picture, Jillian also mentioned that a darling shot of herself with her dark-haired pals (fam?) was just a “Sneak peek of part of this truly fantastic weekend.” With so many excellent outfits and photo ops, it seems like they really wanted to capture the memories. Is it because Jillian got engaged? She has previously mentioned that Justin is "the One" and already has a pretty good lock on exactly what she wants for her wedding, so it wouldn't surprise us a bit.

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Source: Instagram