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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Gretchen Rossi Answers: Will She and Alexis Bellino Ever Be Friends Again? Exclusive

Friendships are a funny thing when you’re a Real Housewife. One season, two cast member can be BFF’s; the next, they’re threatening to sue each other. But more often than not, most of the true friendships among them manage to stay intact despite all the drama.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case between Real Housewives of Orange County’s Gretchen Rossi and Alexis Bellino. Once bosom buddies, their relationship was rocked during last season’s trip to Costa Rica, where Gretchen and the other cast members confronted Alexis about her superficiality. Since then, the two don’t speak and Alexis continues to claim the cast bullies her.

But the question remains: will these two ever be able to repair the damage done? Gretchen opened up exclusively to Wetpaint Entertainment and gave us her thoughts.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What’s your biggest issue with Alexis right now?

Gretchen Rossi: The bullying claims. Anyone who voluntarily subjects themselves to the scrutiny of a reality show has no right to claim bullying.

Do you think she’s a hypocrite?

The last episode of this season, watch how all of them gang up on Slade and I. Am I supposed to cry bullying? No. Does Alexis stand up for me and say, ‘Hey, that’s bullying?” No. She jumps in on the fun. When she does it, it’s not bullying.

Will the two of you ever be friends again?

I’ll never say never. But lots of changes will have to be made before she and I can have a relationship like we once had. And it’s not just about the bullying stuff. She’s proven herself shady to me. She and Jim have both said and done things that affected my business. Why would I continue to be friends with someone who would do that to me? How many times can I keep giving her the benefit of the doubt?

I don’t wish Alexis and Jim ill. I wish them the best. But my relationship with Alexis was unhealthy and I needed to walk away.