Kyle Richards Dishes on RHoBH Without Adrienne Maloof and Season 4 Cast — Exclusive
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle Richards Dishes on RHoBH Without Adrienne Maloof and Season 4 Cast — Exclusive

After an emotional Season 3 reunion, the ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are already suiting up for Season 4. Some familiar faces, like Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer, won’t be returning for another round. But what else can we expect from the upcoming season of the hit reality show?

Wetpaint Entertainment sat down with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards on April 25. She talked to us about teaming up with Clorox to help create, a fun wiki-style dictionary of “everyday ick” for parents to reference. She also spilled on RHoBH Season 4 casting rumors and how her relationship with sister Kim Richards has been since the reunion.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Tell us about Clorox and your involvement.

Kyle Richards: Well, they approached me. Being a mom of four, from ages four to 24, I’ve been doing this for a long time. And obviously, being a mom, a big part of your job is cleaning up. Even if you have people that help you, you don’t have anyone to pick up after your kids, not in those disgusting situations. So I took up with Clorox. It’s been really fun. We created the, a Wiki style dictionary of icky situations and words that we made up to describe those situations, like Eww de toilette, lady in red, im-Paw-sible — when the dogs get the mud over my white sofas. I really like Eww de toilette a lot, Smell-derado… It’s just been a really fun thing to do with them. I like things that are fun and make me laugh.

The hubby has been involved?

He was, but he was like, “Mine are so much better than yours.” I’m like, “No.” And then I would come up with something that I thought was so good, and he was like, “That’s no good at all.” I’m like, “That’s just because English is your second language. You’re not getting how funny this is.” So anyway, we actually had fun with it, and so here I am. And Clorox is a name that we all trust, so I felt proud to be teaming up with them.

How is Kim?

She’s really good. She’s in a good place. We’re in a good place.

Yeah? Because I guess it ended a little shakily.

From the reunion, you mean? Well, the reunion we were fine, but then she just chose that moment to be like, “How come you...“ I was like, “Aw, we were getting along. Why do you have to do this right now?” But we’re always going to be like that. We’re still in a very good place.

You guys are going to start shooting soon, right?

I can’t say.

Can you say anything about how you would feel if Lisa Rinna became one of the housewives?

There’s so much talk about that. It’s like one little comment, and it explodes like wildfire. But I really believe that it’s just a rumor, to be honest.

Do you feel like Faye is done? She said she was.

She’s done. She wouldn’t want to come back. People didn’t realize she was a cast member. So they were like, “Why is she like always showing up?” But she was an official cast member, so that’s why she was there so much. But you didn’t get to see a well-rounded version of her, and you take that risk when you’re not a full-time housewife.

Are you sad about her not participating anymore? I assume you still spend time with her.

Oh yeah, she’s an incredibly talented designer. She’s actually a very good person, but people didn’t get to see that side of her.

What do you think the show will be like without Adrienne?

She really was not around all that much this season. She really didn’t show up. She distanced herself, and she really alienated herself from all the women this year. So I think we got a feel of what it’s going to look like last season.