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Revenge Season 2: The Falcon in Jail — First Look! (PHOTO)

In Revenge Season 2, Episode 19, “Identity,” Nolan Ross and Emily Thorne went Falcon hunting and caught the legendary hacker, whose real name is Edith Lee.

Nolan challenged The Falcon to a nerd duel at a Brooklyn arcade and when he bested the female hacker, she was forced to take his jump drive to supposedly erase some incriminating documents.

But Nolan rigged the drive to hack into Edith’s computer, stealing valuable intel on Victoria Grayson’s first child. He also managed to track the nerdy geek to a swanky bar in Manhattan and sent the FBI her way.

Now Edith is in custody for her many Internet crimes and Victoria has reached out to Nolan for help finding her son.

ABC has released a new photo of Edith in her orange jumpsuit in an upcoming episode. Could she become besties with Mason Treadwell on the inside? Together they would set the Internet on fire with gossip and destruction.

Don’t forget that Edith knows a lot about Nolan’s crime-filled past as well. She knows that he was also a hacker and could probably hand over intel on Mr. Ross to help bring him down.

Do you think Edith will continue to be a problem for Nolan and Emily or will she fade away? Weigh in below!

04.30.2013 / 11:09 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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