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The Vampire Diaries

Candice Accola’s Dating Advice and What Caroline Has Taught Her

Hardcore fans might be surprised to learn this, but there weren’t a lot of hopes for The Vampire Diaries when it first premiered in 2009. In the wake of the Twilight series, many dismissed the show as just another wannabe vamp drama, hoping to lure in young girls with its tale of forbidden love.

Thankfully for the cast and crew, the gamble paid off in a really big way. The show has earned international acclaim, and the cast and characters are becoming some of the most loved on TV. Take Caroline Forbes, for instance. Though she’s no longer human, fans continue to connect with the cheerleader-turned-vampire and her feisty, yet innocent attitude.

When asked if she’d be friends with Caroline if she were a real person, actress Candice Accola responds with a resounding yes. “Caroline has proved to be a good friend as the seasons have gone on,” she reveals to Status magazine. “She doesn’t always do everything right, but she tries. Caroline’s reminded me to let myself off the hook when I put my foot in my mouth.”

When it comes to finding love, Candice says Caroline lives “in an idealistic world. She would probably say love conquers all.”

While Candice isn’t quite so naive, she has learned a few things about making a relationship work. “Dating isn’t always easy. However, the root of your relationship should make both people happy. There should be more happy moments than sad. And never ever should you or your partner resort to name calling. Even in a fight, you should respect each other.”

Something tells us being in love with a werewolf on the run provides more sad moments than good, so it sounds like Caroline could learn a few things from Candice! (She really should just give in and give Klaus a chance.)

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Source: Status Magazine