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Teen Mom

Courtland Rogers’s Family Friend Wants Him to “Find God”

Jenelle Evans's wayward husband, Courtland Rogers, is in a world of Alfredo-scented trouble. This southern gent is currently being held in North Carolina's Brunswick County Jail on a $50,000 bond for heroin possession and assault thanks to getting into a huge blow-out with Jenelle on April 23, and as you might expect his family and friends think he's 100 percent innocent.

“I don’t have anything against Jenelle, and I hope she can get the help she needs because I think she needs it more than Courtland!” Courty's friend, Jim Yonkers, tells Radar Online. If Courtland doesn't need help, then what does he need?

“Courtland needs to find God," Jim explains. "I will have some serious talks with him about that, and get away from Jenelle would be the main thing.” Jimbo seems to think that Courtland and Jenelle have a toxic relationship (um, duh), and adds that he doesn't blame Jenelley for her husband's erratic behavior.

"I do not think Jenelle is the whole issue even though I believe she adds to it," Jim muses. "While it appears that she has issues as well, I don’t blame her one bit for Courtland’s behavior. He is a grown man and has to take responsibility for himself.”

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Courtland will be getting out of the slammer anytime soon (unless his family can come up with mad cash), but Jim says Courtland's mom isn't worried about him. In fact, she's happy her son is in jail!

"Courtland’s mom Holley is glad that he’s in jail right now because it gives him time to be apart from his wife and think," Jim says.

Is it just us, or does Jim sound … wise? Hopefully Courtland will learn a thing or two from this dude!

Source: RadarOnline

05.1.2013 / 08:19 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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