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Teen Mom

Farrah Abraham Is “Tired Of People Lying”

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham has been through so much. It's like, first she was falsely accused of filming a sex tape (which turns out is a fully produced porn movie), then everyone got on her case for driving around drunk on St. Patrick's Day, and now people have the nerve to report that she was paid a mere 6-figures for her porno when she actually earned over a million? Like, how could they?

Farrah is sick to death of people "lying about what is," and she recently took to Twitter to vent. "It's hilarious that I don't comment and certain reporters do not take 'No' for an answer," Farrah mused on April 30. "I'm tired of people lying about what is! #Facts."

Farrah insists that she's being completely transparent about her recent foray into porn, and it looks like girlfriend resents people totally harshing her mellow.

"I have nothing to hide - I'm just not about that life," Farrah tweeted. "Find me in the kitchen :)"

Ah, the kitchen. Otherwise known as Farrah's second favorite place (right after Vivid’s studios, obviously). Because in case you'd forgotten, this gal is a certified chef who spends her time frolicking in vats of her Mommy & Me spicy hot pepper sauce.

Haters to the left.

What do you think about Farrah’s message to the haters? Tell us your thoughts below!

Source: Twitter / Twitter

05.1.2013 / 10:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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