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Glee Finale Cliffhangers: What We’ll Find Out — and What We Won’t!

For some TV shows, a season finale serves as an end to that year’s storyline. Character arcs are wrapped up, problems resolved, and the stage is set for new developments to come the next year.

That, however, is not how
Glee will work this season! The Season 4 finale, Episode 22: "All Or Nothing" will be end with not just one, but “many cliffhangers,” so don’t expect to end the show with every question answered.

"The season finale is more of a midpoint storyline," Chord Overstreet (Sam) tells The Hollywood Reporter. "This season has been more of a journey and emotional roller coaster and one that needed more time."

Instead of ending with graduation like last year, the show will pick up for Season 5 still in the middle of Blaine (Darren Criss) and his classmates’ senior year. Among the multiple stories won’t be resolved until next year is Sam and Blaine’s quest to figure out the real reason that Sue (Jane Lynch) was fired.

"There's a cliffhanger with Blaine which is pretty interesting,” he says, perhaps referring to the fact that Blaine has decided to ask his ex, Kurt (Chris Colfer), to marry him.

Next prepare for, “another cliffhanger with a few other characters that are going to leave people wondering what's next.” Yeah... you’re being pretty vague there, sir.

Credit: Adam Rose/Mike Yarish/©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

It’s worth noting that Rachel (Lea Michele) has her final Broadway audition in the Season 4 finale, so whether or not she gets the part just might be a cliffhanger, as well. Show creator Ryan Murphy teased earlier that he wants a “big chunk” of Season 4 to “follow one particular story that we're getting ready to launch at the end of this year." He says that this particular storyline will be “a big cliffhanger,” and teases that it will involve both Rachel and several other characters.

But enough of all this talk about what we don’t know. Chord reveals that some of this season’s burning questions will be answered in the finale. For one, we will learn whether or not the New Directions win Regionals. Plus, the identity of Ryder’s (Blake Jenner) Catfish will finally be revealed. Oh, and guys? He promises it will be very dramatic.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

05.1.2013 / 11:15 PM EDT by Beth Douglass
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