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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy’s 5 Saddest Patient Deaths — Ever!

As much as we love our Grey’s Anatomy surgeons, we love their patients, too. These characters and their stories usually only stick around for an episode or two, but it doesn’t take long for us to wish they would stay. And the worst part about being so emotionally involved in a show about a hospital? Some of these awesome patients we fall in love with have to die.

In the most recent episode (Season 9 Episode 21: “Sleeping Monster”) we watched Ethan, a child patient Owen’s gotten pretty attached to, lose his mother... and act pretty mature about it, too. We couldn’t help but get a little misty-eyed as we watched Ethan comfort his grandmother, knowing his father was still unconscious and may never be conscious again, and it reminded us of the other times Grey’s has done this to us!

Have a tissue ready, because here are our top five saddest patient deaths:

Denny Duquette (Season 2, Episode 27: “Losing My Religion”): When we think patients who make us cry, the first name that comes to mind is Denny. This heart transplant patient charmed everyone in the hospital, especially Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl), who fell in love with him right away — and so did we. Despite the fact that it was highly illegal and unethical to cut his LVAD wire, it was pretty heartwarming to see the other surgeons take up for Izzie when she was at risk of losing her job to save him. And it completely broke our hearts when, despite Izzie’s best efforts, Denny died just as he seemed to be getting better.

Wallace Anderson (Season 6, Episode 8: “Invest Your Love”): How could we forget the little boy with short gut syndrome who never expected to see his 11th birthday? And when the board found out Wallace’s parents were donating $25 million to the hospital’s research department in honor of Arizona’s birthday, they all but forced her into operating on him again when she knew the surgery was a bad idea. But even though Arizona did everything she could, Wallace didn’t make it — and his parents still donated the money to the hospital.

Mary Portman (Season 7, Episode 6: “These Arms of Mine”): We were so glad when Mary (played by guest star Mandy Moore) survived the hospital shooting,especially after she helped Bailey care for Charles Percy after he was shot. If she could survive that, she could survive anything — including her totally routine colostomy reversal, right? Nope. We were so mad when she never woke up after surgery, and it made us so sad when her adorable husband brought her flowers every day while she was unconscious.

Holly Anderson (Season 5, Episode 10: “All By Myself”): Holly and her sister Emma showed up in the ER after a car accident, where Holly was texting and driving (bad idea, kids!). They were fighting from the minute they entered the hospital, like many sisters do, and before Holly went into surgery, Emma told her she hoped she’d die. So we might have cried a little when Holly actually did die, and Emma had to say her goodbyes before her parents took her off of life support.

Susan Grey (Season 3, Episode 23 “The Other Side of This Life”): Meredith has never really been much for family, especially when it concerns anyone even remotely related to her dad. So it took her awhile to warm up to his wife, Susan, even though she tried everything she could to get Meredith to like her. Eventually, her efforts were successful, but their budding friendship came to a halt when Susan showed up at Seattle Grace with a case of the hiccups and died in surgery, making us feel sad and a small pang of paranoia every time we had the hiccups after seeing this episode.

What do you think Grey’s fans? Are we missing one of your saddest moments? Sound off in the comments!

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