Revenge’s Gabriel Mann Talks Nolan Ross’s Alliance With Victoria Grayson
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Revenge’s Gabriel Mann Talks Nolan Ross’s Alliance With Victoria Grayson

And just when we thought Revenge had exhausted all possible pairings, the powers that be put Nolan Ross and Victoria Grayson on the same team. We’d like to take this time to send a sincere thank you to the Revenge Gods for making our wildest dreams come true.

In Episode 19, “Identity,” Victoria approaches Nolan, begging him to help find her son, Patrick. Little does she know that Nolan’s the hacker who took down The Falcon. Edith Lee (aka The Falcon) was a computer hacker working to keep Vicki’s first born under wraps, but all that changed when Nolan leaked the information to Nightline when Victoria was mid-interview.

Now Queen V has unwittingly sought help from the man working to destroy her. But that doesn’t mean this partnership can’t be incredible. In Season 1, Nolan and Tyler Barrol teamed up on several issues, leading to their hot romance and sex tape. Sure, things didn’t turn out so great for TyleNol, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy this new pairing while it lasts!

Apparently we weren’t the only ones keeping our fingers crossed for this new unholy alliance. Actor Gabriel Mann spoke with TV Guide before Episode 19 aired saying, “There is going to be a very, very unlikely alliance that I and another member of the cast had been pitching for two years now, and it finally starts to come true.”

“This was something I had been really gunning for and finally got, and it may be the beginning of a beautiful marriage made in hell to be explored, in a potential Season 3,” he continued. “At this point, we’ve certainly laid the groundwork for some major fireworks.”

Umm, could there be a potential Volan/Nictoria hook up? Our hearts would NOT recover!

Do you think Nolan and Victoria’s relationship could get physical? Tell us below!

Source: TV Guide