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Dancing With The Stars

Sharna Burgess Slams Dancing With the Stars Judge Bruno: He Was “Mean” to Andy Dick!

There’s a difference between constructive feedback and a soundbite joke at someone’s expense. The Dancing With the Stars judges sometimes blur the line and pro Sharna Burgess just called out Bruno Tonioli in the wake of his comments to Andy Dick on last night’s Season 16 Latin Week 7 Performance Show.

None of the judges were fond of Andy’s Rumba technique, and Carrie Ann Inaba is the one who gave them the lowest score — a 5 — but even though Andy and Sharna were surprised by the 5 they weren’t as upset with it because Carrie Ann articulated her reasons for the score. She gave them constructive criticism. Bruno, on the other hand, started his critique by saying Andy took an unforgettable classic dance and left Bruno wishing he could forget it.

Sharna blasted Bruno to On the Red Carpet, not just for this comment but for always telling jokes instead of providing actual feedback for them to use in future dances.

Sharna: "I'm mad because yes we do have the judges that say your commitment, your heart, your this and whatever, and then we have this one judge that likes to stand up every week and tells jokes to be mean and be funny."

Andy: "She's talking about Bruno."

Sharna: "I don't get it. You want to stand up and say you want to forget that dance?"

Andy: "That's not fair."

Sharna: "It wasn't that bad that you want to forget it. That's just mean."

Andy: "It was a great dance she choreographed."

Sharna: "There was not one week when he's given us a dance criticism. There isn't. Every week, if you go back and look at it, it's 'Oh you're Woody Allen,' 'Oh you were frantic,' 'Oh you were Cloris Leachman.' Now you want to forget the dance entirely. Last time I checked, this was a dance show."

You go girl! Andy said he's always the butt of the joke so he's used to it. Sharna isn't used to it so she jumps in to defend him. "I love it," Andy said. "She's like a big sister ready to kick some butt."

Andy joked that they had such a low score they'd be taking up both spots of the bottom two during tonight's Results Show — with him on one side and Sharna on the other. They are fully prepared to go home, but Sharna said, if they get through, they have the Quickstep next week, as well as the Trio Challenge. She knows the judges want better technique from Andy, but she would also like real criticism from their side. "With the Bruno thing, it's give us advice. Don't just crack jokes. Carrie Ann gave us advice. Trust me, if we're in next week there will be no dead arms. You will not see one single dead arm!”

Source: On the Red Carpet