Why Will Caleb Leave Rosewood For Ravenswood? Here Are Our 4 Theories
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Pretty Little Liars

Why Will Caleb Leave Rosewood For Ravenswood? Here Are Our 4 Theories

As everyone in the Pretty Little Liars fan world must have heard by now, Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn) is picking up and leaving town — for Ravenswood, home of the PLL spin-off.

Now, Caleb isn't ditching Rosewood right away. Apparently he makes the move in a Pretty Little Liars Season 4 episode, which means the writers have the entire summer season to set up his departure. That's a good thing, because right now we have a hard time understanding why Caleb would abandon Rosewood. He and Hanna are going strong, he's learning to come to terms with his family situation, and he's putting down roots.

What would make him move? The Pretty Little Liars writers are constantly surprising us, so the answer will probably be something we can't anticipate. We can't help but speculate anyway!

"A" (or "B") team drives him away. Given that Caleb is now intimately familiar with the "A" team and all the other madness around it, we doubt he’ll be scared away by Rosewood's craziness. But maybe someone will up the ante so much (more death threats against his mom or Hanna?) that he decides to leave Rosewood to protect other people.

The end of the Haleb. We have a bad feeling that this move will mean the end of Haleb (*sob*). Although Ravenswood is apparently near Rosewood, and therefore Caleb and Hanna could technically keep up their relationship (and probably will in many a fanfic), chances are the writers will want the characters to be able to have full-time romances on their separate shows. Could their breakup be the cause of Caleb leaving town? We have a hard time imagining Haleb splitting right now, but the Pretty Little Liars writers have a certain genius for destroying romances, and we could certainly see Caleb moving on if he was convinced his relationship with Hanna was over for good. Though why he would go to Ravenswood instead of, say, moving to California to be with his birth mom, remains a question mark.

It's not supposed to be permanent. The press release about Tyler Blackburn's new role says that Caleb "will travel to Ravenswood during the annual Pretty Little Liars special Halloween episode." Note that it says travel, not move. It's very possible that Caleb will go to Ravenswood intending for it to be a short trip — probably to figure out some mystery that's introduced in the Halloween episode, but possibly even for something much more mundane, like a job interview — but then will be sucked into the plot there. We know Ravenswoodwill involve some sort of curse, so it's possible that Caleb will quickly realize he has to stay in town ... or else.

It's involuntary. Hey, we're talking about Pretty Little Liars and a new show that comes from the same minds. Who's to say a trick or even some literal kidnapping isn't involved? Crazier things have happened.

Why do you think Caleb will leave Rosewood for Ravenswood? Share your theories in the comments below.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 premieres on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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