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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Recap: Top 4 Performances on 5/1/2013 (VIDEOS)

For our American Idol recap tonight, we welcome the Season 12 Top 4 ladies back to the stage again with a very appropriate theme, “then and now.” Last week (then) the bottom two were given a reprieve when no one went home, and here they are back again (now) to give their best American Idol performances once more in hopes of making it to the Top 3.

Amber Holcomb, Candice Glover, Angie Miller and Kree Harrison are hoping for your votes on the American Idol results show tomorrow night. Who will fail to earn your love tonight with a less than stellar showing on the stage? Tune in for our American Idol 2013 recap and watch the performances with us!

We know from the American Idol spoilers we posted previously about the song choices tonight that we are in for some possible wow moments — and probably a few yawns as well. The overall song theme tonight, “then and now” is split up into two sections, “songs of 2013” and “standards.”

While the choices for 2013 seem like a fun mix, the standards half of the show will be like watching a montage of previously American Idol performances cut together and dubbed with new voices. Amber Holcomb is even singing a song already done earlier this season! (Of course, Angie Miller did that too last week, but somehow we think Amber is not going to rock it the second time around the way Angie did.)

Are you ready to see who is fabulous and who flops on American Idol tonight? Our live American Idol recap starts right now!

[Please refresh this page frequently for all the latest American Idol 2013 recap updates and performance videos as they happen!]

And here we go! Host Ryan Seacrest says all the ladies tonight are hoping they'll make it to those Top 3 "hometown visits" next week. After introducing the finalists, Ryan tells us the guest mentor tonight will be Harry Connick Jr., Louisiana's favorite son.

Now (Songs from 2013)

Angie Miller American Idol Top 4 performance (redux) – “Diamonds” by Rihanna

Our first performance tonight is from Angie Miller with a stripped down version of “Diamonds” by Rihanna. She jokes around with Harry Connick Jr., who says next time she should sing one of his songs because, you know, he has a new album. Then they sing horribly together on a made up song as Angie mock pretends she’s trying to get away with not knowing his music. Happily, Angie will be back on the piano this evening.

Judges: Keith Urban says he commends Angie doing an original version of the song, but he thinks it was the wrong choice to strip this one down. He thinks if she was going to change the tune so much, she should have taken it even further and changed the melody. Nicki Minaj says she thinks the performance was “bland, it was lackluster” and she could do a lot better. Randy Jackson says it was a great song but he agrees with Keith that the way Angie did it, the song just didn’t go anywhere. He did like her leather shorts thought... “I didn’t love it,” he says. Mariah Carey feels like Angie tried to take the song to another place, but she was playing to the camera too much.

Our Rating: 8 out of 10 — We didn’t think it was that bad actually, and kind of liked the arrangement.

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Amber Holcomb American Idol Top 4 performance (redux) – “Just Give Me A Reason” by P!nk & Nate Ruess

Judges: Nicki Minaj thinks Amber was just disconnected from the song and this isn’t the Amber they know and love. Her voice is still amazing though. Randy Jackson says it just was not stellar for him tonight and it needs to be stellar at this point in the competition. He wants to know if she had fun. She says she had to think about the lyrics (which was obvious because it seemed like she struggled). Mariah Carey says she wants everyone to understand how difficult it is to learn a current song like this, but it is hard for all the girls. Keith Urban says P!nk is a phenomenal singer and people underestimate how difficult her songs really are in their range and tempo. It takes years of getting comfortable with yourself to really have total confidence on stage. He loves the clarity of her voice though.

Our Rating: 7.5

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Candice Glover American Idol Top 4 performance (redux) – “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars

Judges: Randy Jackson is in love! He says this girl can sing anything and she was totally amazing. He doesn’t care about the pronouns, it was crazy good. Mariah Carey agrees. She thinks Candice blew it out of the park. Keith Urban says he didn’t care about the “man thing” at all. Candice could sing “your giraffe” and it wouldn’t matter. Nicki Minaj says that performance deserved a standing ovation, which prompts the American Idol judges to do just that. Nicki also kind of, sort of insults Candice by saying “I don’t know if you lost weight, but girl, you look good tonight.” She says Candice is a “singer’s singer” and people respect her already and she hasn’t even put out an album yet.

Our Rating: 8.5

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Kree Harrison American Idol Top 4 performance (redux) – “See You Again” by Carrie Underwood

Harry Connick Jr. is so impressed, he loves Kree’s version more than Carrie Underwood’s original. In fact, if she called him for help from the studio, he’d sign up to help right now.

Judges: Mariah Carey says she loved it and she really enjoys how authentic Kree is. Keith Urban says it is hard to figure out how to do these songs. He could not quite get connected to the moment and he feels like he was waiting for the song to get bigger and it felt out of sync. Her voice, however, is faultless like it aways is. Nicki Minaj says her ‘Kreedom’ performance was great. She loved it and says “she sang with her eyes.” Nicki felt Kree really believed what she was singing. Randy Jackson says somebody is going to win this thing and right now he’s focused more on the voice and not all the other stuff. He thinks Kree has an amazing voice and feels she really would rock it if she goes country. Harry Connick Jr. comes out on stage to give Kree a hug and give her congrats because he loved it.

Our Rating: 8

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Then (Standards)

Angie Miller American Idol Top 4 performance (redux) – “Someone to Watch Over Me”

Judges: Keith Urban says it was beautiful. Nicki Minaj says Angie always puts her in the mind of a Disney princess. She is reminded of Beauty and the Beast and she could see Angie doing that kind of music or Broadway or something. She says Angie just needs to be careful to stay in the song. Randy Jackson says he loved the beginning, but he didn’t love the middle arrangement, but Angie had an amazing vocal. Mariah Carey says her mom used to sing this song all the time just like Angie’s Mom. (Mariah’s mom is in the audience.) Mariah can’t says she just can’t get past the piano situation thought. She just loves Angie at the piano. Mariah says she doesn’t think Angie has to be at the top all the time and suddenly she and Nicki are having a verbal sparring match again. After a minute or so of incomprehensible yelling, the music comes on and drowns them out as Ryan Seacrest takes control of the show again.

Our Rating: 8.5

Amber Holcomb American Idol Top 4 performance (redux) – “My Funny Valentine”

Judges: Nicki Minaj is head over heels and thinks it was “so beautiful, oh my God.” She wants to know why Amber looks like she’s crying and Amber won’t say, but we see Amber’s dad is crying in the audience too. Nicki says Amber shouldn’t worry about what American votes, because she has a lifetime of incredible music ahead of her. Randy Jackson thinks Amber just made a believer out of anyone who wasn’t sure about her. He thinks she was amazing and her vocal would out of this world. Mariah Carey loves Amber’s spirit and how it just keeps getting bigger and brighter. Keith Urban says Amber’s high note made the crowd go wild and her confidence was front and center through the whole performance.

Our Rating: 8.5 (begrudgingly)

Candice Glover American Idol Top 4 performance (redux) – “You’ve Changed” by Billie Holiday

Judges: Mariah Carey and the other American Idol judges whip out another standing ovation for Candice. Randy Jackson says all Candice needs to do in this competition is bring her voice and she just keeps doing it. Mariah pretends for a moment like she didn’t like it at all. Mariah is a bad liar. She tells Candice she wants to go and download this right now. Keith Urban is also loving on the performance and thinks Candice’s voice is stellar. Nicki Minaj just says she has nothing more to say about and Ryan should just come on out.

Our Rating: 9

Kree Harrison American Idol Top 4 performance (redux) – “Stormy Weather”

Judges: Mariah Carey says Kree is gorgeous and gives a shout out to the orchestra. This is general Mariah speak for “I didn’t like it that much, dahling.” Mariah says she wishes Kree had done something with a more bluesy feel like “God Bless the Child.” It was a great vocal thought, beautiful and like a bell. Keith Urban tells Kree she needs to follow her instincts but he would have chosen a different song for her too. Nicki Minaj thinks Harry Connick Jr. may have shaken up the girls during coaching. She wishes the finalists had really given more thought to their song choices, whether or not they would be wows or cause yawns. Randy Jackson thinks Kree should have sang the Etta James version instead and not listened to Harry Connick Jr. on which version to do. Harry comes out to defend himself and takes a seat at the judges’ table. He is all mocking Randy, saying, “We want you to be yourself, but sing it like Etta James!”

Our Rating: 7.5

American Idol Top 4 Ladies — “Wings” by Little Mix

Not really sure why the producers picked this song for them to do or decided to shove it in at the very end. It’s weird and we’re rather have just not seen it at all.

Just to close out the night, let’s recollect who has taken a guest “sit” at the American Idol judges’ table this year so far... Paula Abdul, Drake and Harry Connick Jr. have all taken a turn. Hmmm. And Jennifer Lopez is coming back to perform on the American Idol 2013 finale amidst strong rumors she wants to return for the next season as a judge.. If she takes a guest sit at the table, could we be seeing some foreshadowing about a possible judging panel layout for American Idol 2014?

05.2.2013 / 07:42 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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