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The Vampire Diaries

Candice Accola on Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 21 — Exclusive

As someone who’s had personal experience with torture, Caroline (Candice Accola) probably isn’t going to be too happy that Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) are using brute force to turn Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) emotions on in The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 21, “She’s Come Undone.”

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with Candice Accola about the episode, and the actress told us Caroline is very conflicted about the Salvatores’ methods. She also gave a few hints about the blond vamp’s close encounter with Klaus (Joseph Morgan)...

Wetpaint Entertainment: Tell us about the big episode this week.
Candice Accola: This week is a really fun episode. It was a very large episode, and it's kind of rooted in mind games, mind games that we play on ourselves and the mind games that can be played on us. And so that's kind of the running theme, in my opinion, for the episodes.

For Caroline in particular, we begin the episode where she really just wants Elena to turn back to humanity. She knows that Damon and Stefan are using not necessarily the nicest tactics, and so she wants to go see Elena. It's a really big thing for Caroline in these last couple episodes because she knows that graduation's coming up, so she just wants her friends together. That's what I think is kind of funny — that even though in the dramatic sense of Elena, this character having her humanity turned off and potentially being tortured, Caroline is still in the back of her head going, “But graduation's coming up, and we all have to be together. We all have to be in the picture together, and we all have to have the best time ever.” So she's on her way to find Elena, and she wants to do her part.

Caroline's the one that saves other people at this point. In Season 2, she got acquainted with being saved herself. I think Stefan gave her this core of strength which we've seen relevant in her saving Tyler and her helping out Bonnie’s mother with her transition. And her letting go of her father and even with Klaus, she knows how to bring out the better part of who he is. I think that's why everyone is attracted to them romantically. So I think she's used to being kind of that guide at this point. So it will be interesting seeing her try to be the one that helps Elena out.

I assume the torture is a little close to home for Caroline after what happened with her dad, and him torturing the vampire out of you? Does that just not sit well?
Yeah, it definitely doesn't sit well, but Caroline sees the end result. She knows that she wants to get her friend back. So we're going to see her make that effort, in her own way, try and see if there's any sort of emotion in Elena and if she can tap into that.

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What about her and Klaus? What is this confusing and dangerous encounter that we speak of?
We are going to see Klaus back in this episode. This is also going to be the first time we see Caroline find out that he went to New Orleans and the sequence of how that makes her feel, and I think the Klaroline fans, as the kids call themselves, are going to be really excited. There's some really fun, fun scenes.

Do you have as far as Caroline goes a preference to Klaus and Tyler?
My personal preference, no. I think the Caroline and Klaus romantic build-up wasn't ever really supposed to happen. That was really going to be a thing where Klaus was attracted to Caroline, and we see a little bit of the human side or we see the good in Klaus a little bit. It all started in the episode where it was Caroline's birthday and Klaus had to save her. And then, everyone in the fandom and on Twitter just was really excited about it, so then it slowly began building. So I don't know where it's going to be taken.

I just think it's funny storyline wise that this was not necessarily supposed to be a storyline that happened. And especially because any of the viewers and fans the show, on my end, had interest and was so involved with Caroline and Tyler. So it's really fun. I get super involved in my television watching when it come to love triangles. So it's really funny to kind of have that idea of this unexpected triangle with these characters.

Do we get more Tyler and Caroline before the end of the season?
I'm going to leave that question. We've only got three episodes left. I'm not going to get in trouble now.

Stay alive for Season 5.
Yeah. I want to come back for Season 5.

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