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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013 Week 8 Trio Challenge: Who Is Dancing What?

Oh, to be a fly on the wall backstage on Dancing With the Stars Season 16! There’s a lot of drama shared this week in On the Red Carpet and AfterBuzzTV videos, but there’s still a lot we don’t get to see.

The final six couples had a lot to say after the Week 7 Results Show, including Karina Smirnoff and Kym Johnson fighting over pro Cheryl Burke for the Week 8 Trio Challenge (find out who won below); Derek Hough taking the longest time to pick out a pro; Jacoby Jones being super “pissed” about his placement “in jeopardy”; Ingo Rademacher explaining why he turned down Splash; Mark Ballas arguing against the Dance Off Challenge; and Val Chmerkovskiy sharing his special pre-season moment with Andy Dick. It’s all good stuff. Read on for details on the two dances each couple will have to do on the Monday, May 6 Performance Show.

Sean Lowe & Peta Murgatroyd, Tango, Jazz

"We choose a pro that has already been kicked off," Peta explained to On the Red Carpet of the Trio Challenge, "and I know who I want to choose — I want to choose Sharna [Burgess], she's my best friend and I think she's going to be amazing. We have Jazz for Trio, so we can do lifts, finally. We've never had a dance where we can perform lifts and he's strong and I really want to use that ability. So yeah it's going to be great."

Peta also tweeted, "OMG! I'm so thrilled and grateful to dance with @SeanLowe09 another week! Hard work pays off huh 😉 #tango #trioJAZZ WOOHOOOO." So Tango is their other dance.

And Sean reiterated that this is it for him in terms of reality TV. After this, "No Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother. It's all out of the question. I'm done with my reality TV days."

Ingo Rademacher
& Kym Johnson, Foxtrot, Jive

"We were just picking out pros just then," Kym told OTRC after Tuesday's show, "and we all picked them really fast. Derek is still back there trying to pick his, he's like pondering over who he wants to pick. It's hilarious. We just left him there. There was a little bit of a — we were fighting over one pro, Karina and I were fighting over a pro. I was very nice, and I went the other way."

(Kym and Cheryl are best buddies, but Karina won the fight. Would’ve loved to have seen that discussion...) Kym added, "We have the Jive. We passed on the Jive because of the Dance Off Challenge, but it's going to be nice to actually do it. But [Ingo has] two girls now instead of just one." Ingo is actually excited about this one. "I like the Jive! It's really fun. But it's going to be different." He's going to have a girl on each arm.

Ingo also tweeted, “Thanks for all the love and votes. still HERE!!!!!! and ready for battle next week! @kym_johnson next week @Dance9Lindsay joins in the fun!” So it sounds like they got Lindsay Arnold for the Trio. Watch the video to hear Ingo talk about why he turned down Splash and also probably won’t sign up for any other reality TV show.

At the end of the video, Karina came over and hugged Kym. They made up over Karina stealing Cheryl. Look at all these women fighting over you, Cheryl! It's not quite The Bachelorette, but it's flattering.

Jacoby Jones
& Karina Smirnoff, Viennese Waltz, Paso Doble

Being "in jeopardy" really made Jacoby mad. It "woke up the animal" in him. "Just the word 'jeopardy' pisses me off," Jacoby told AfterBuzzTV. He's so competitive. But being in jeopardy doesn't even mean anything! It doesn't mean you're necesarily bottom three or anything. But you can see how upset he is about it in the video. What do they have next week? "We have the Paso Doble,” Karina said. “We have trio with Cheryl Burke. With all that adrenaline from the 'jeopardy' we're gonna bring it home. it's gonna be a grand slam." Their solo dance is the Viennese Waltz, "and we have a great song," Karina added.

Zendaya Coleman
& Val Chmerkovskiy, Foxtrot, Salsa

"We're doing the Foxtrot as our solo," Val told OTRC, "and we're doing the Salsa as a Trio. We're dancing with Gleb [Savchenko], so it'll be double the Russians." Zendaya said she knows she's in good hands. "I'm excited. I'm nervous, of course, starting a new dance but I think it's going to be good."

Aly Raisman
& Mark Ballas, Argentine Tango, Jive

Mark told AfterBuzz his back is OK, but not great. "It is what it is." In the video, he also goes into great detail on why he wasn't a fan of the Dance Off Challenge. He wishes either the fans or the judges had ranked the dancers instead of making them rehearse four routines and duke it out themselves.

Aly said they have the Jive and the Argentine Tango next week. The Jive is the Trio, the AT is the solo dance. Aly told OTRC that, in gymnastics, she always loves routines that are intense, so she's really into the Argentine Tango. Mark told OTRC, "The Trio is fun. We have Henry [Byalikov], so I'm excited about that. He worked with us this week 'cause I was hurt, so he was filling in. So we already have a good working relationship. So it should be fun."

Kellie Pickler & Derek Hough, Viennese Waltz, Paso Doble

Kellie posted this update on Facebook: "Once again, we are so excited to dance another week. Tomorrow Derek and I start rehearsing for next week's show. We are doing two dances Monday...the Paso Doble & Viennese Waltz!!! Hope y'all have our backs & VOTE!!! LOL!! ;)"

Kellie and Derek didn’t have a post-Results Show video with OTRC, but on Monday night they talked about being immune from the dance challenge, and Derek shared advice for couples (like Andy & Sharna) who might be upset with the judges’ scores and comments. Watch for more.

Are you excited for the Trio Challenge? Who do you think will win Season 16? Sound off in the comments!