Grey’s Anatomy Season 9: Alex Karev’s Best Moments
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9: Alex Karev’s Best Moments

Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) has always been one of our favorite doctors on Grey’s Anatomy, and this year, we got to see an Alex we don’t usually get to see. While we love the way he never lets anyone see him sweat and his sarcastic personality, we love it even more when he lets us see his emotional, more human side.

Here are Alex’s best moments of Season 9:

Alex stays at Seattle Grace after the plane crash. When Alex finished first in the boards, he got an offer from the world famous Johns Hopkins Hospital. (And he decided to take it, much to Arizona’s dismay.) But after the plane crash, Alex couldn’t leave. He acted like it was because the hospital would lose their Africa exchange program if he left, but we know he stayed at least partially so he could be there for his fellow attendings. Aww.

Alex plays pranks with his patient. Alex usually gets along super well with his young patients, but he bonded even more than usual with one cancer patient this season. Why? They had something in particular in common: a crush on Jo, and, of course, a hatred for Jason, Jo’s current boyfriend. Obviously, there was only one thing for them to do: team up to play a series of hilarious pranks on Jason. We love to see Alex pal around with his patients, especially once former Chief Richard Webber gets in on the fun.

Alex tells Jo how he really feels. After Meredith lectures Alex about being rude to Jo over a transplant surgery for one of his patients, he instantly feels bad and wants to apologize. So, he runs to Joe’s Bar and interrupts Jo’s date with Jason, but his apology sounds a lot like a confession of his feelings for her. And even though Jo doesn’t run off with Alex and leave Jason forever, she still seems pretty impressed by his speech. We think there’s hope for them in the future. Plus, he recently admitted he’s in love with her, so there’s plenty more drama to come..

Alex tries to be nice to Jason. After weeks of pranks, insults, and general disrespect, Jo asks Alex to tone down his hatred for Jason. She’s moving in with him, she works with Alex, and she wants them to be able to get along. So even though Alex really wants to be with Jo and can’t stand Jason, he puts his feelings aside and tries to play nice. We love that Alex likes Jo that much, and can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in the future.

What are your favorite Alex moments in Season 9?

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