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The Vampire Diaries

Ian Somerhalder Visits NYC Alone, Tweets His Love For Nina Dobrev (PHOTOS)

Taking care of promotional duties on Wednesday, May 1, Ian Somerhalder was spotted waiting for a limo to pick him up outside his hotel in NYC.

Though The Vampire Diaries actor is visiting the Big Apple alone, his girlfriend Nina Dobrev isn’t far from his mind. Taking to Twitter in the early morning hours, Ian shared a poem that we can only assume is about his brunette love.

“Read this,” Ian tweeted, alongside a snap from The Diary of Anais Nin: Volume 1.

The excerpt reads: “Something changes the moment you decide you’ve found a person you are ready to reveals parts of your soul to. Something stands out and makes the moment unique. A profound multidimensional clarity resembling a piece of carefully gathered stardust; As if you are whispering ‘finally’ and your eyes fill with light and spontaneity. As if you do not care whether your heart will melt or crumble in the process because your brief courage undoes your tremendous fear of disbelief. You live for these moments; For you are, maybe for one second or more, sweetly forced to surrender yourself to unconditional intimacy. A moment of the psychological reward smashing all self-imposed disciplines founded on terror. This is all you need.”

Pardon us as we swoon a little.