Janice Dickinson Bankrupt: Former ANTM Star Says “I Live for Plastic Surgery”
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America's Next Top Model

Janice Dickinson Bankrupt: Former ANTM Star Says “I Live for Plastic Surgery”

Former America's Next Top Model judge Janice Dickinson recently declared bankruptcy, in part because of expensive plastic surgery bills, but that doesn't phase her. She still likes getting work done, she tells In Touch.

"I live for plastic surgery," the former supermodel explained to the mag, noting that she doesn't think her face has changed because of the work she's had done, though obviously she has "matured." She is, amazingly, 58, after all.

It doesn't sound like Janice intends to stop getting work done, though she admits that she hasn't "the slightest idea" how she's going to afford the expense.

How did she wind up in such financial trouble in the first place? According to Janice, she's the same as anyone else. "I, like many Americans, went bankrupt because of the economy — and banks!" she declared. She added that she had run-ins with a few unscrupulous doctors who "offered to give me Botox and fix my teeth for free and then slapped me with bills."

Despite her support of plastic surgery, there are a few things Janice won't do. Namely, "butt implants. And vaginial circumsion." We'd think not!

Janice also dished on her upcoming wedding to Robert "Rocky" Gerner, which is apparently going to air on a "big" network and, she assures In Touch, won't be affected by her financial troubles.

What do you think: Should Janice cut back on the surgeries, or should she do what she wants?

For more of her thoughts, pick up this week's In Touch, on newsstands now.

Source: In Touch