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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle Richards on Lisa Vanderpump Friendship: “We Do Have Fun” — Exclusive

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 reunion tested the relationships between many of the women, especially that of Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump. The two were at odds throughout much of the season, with Lisa accusing Kyle of being an unsupportive friend and Kyle defending her right to be neutral during arguments with the other ladies.

So where do these two stand now that the dust has settled from the reunion drama?

Wetpaint Entertainment sat down with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards on April 25. She talked to us about teaming up with Clorox to help create, a fun wiki-style dictionary of “everyday ick” for parents to reference. Kyle also opened up about her relationship with Lisa, and how she’s learned to deal with the catfights and feuds that come with being a Housewife.

Do you like clean-up?

Kyle Richards: Of course, I don’t. I like certain clean-ups. Do I like those kind of clean-up, no? But that’s why I end up laughing about it. Because it’s like how can you not laugh when your baby does an explosive poop. I’m sorry to say it but it’s true. And last night I slipped and fell in a puddle of my puppy’s pee on the marble floor, like literally. I was not laughing at all, and then it was like 3:30 in the morning, I had to clean it up in the middle of the night. I wanted to just throw a towel over it and deal with it tomorrow, but then I was like, my husband’s going to step on it, and that stuff sends him over the edge. So I was like scrubbing in the middle of the night, but then today, of course, I was laughing about it.

Do you feel like the show takes up a huge chunk of your time, or do you sort of make it work with everything else that you have going on?

I make it work with everything else. It does take a huge chunk. Like when I signed onto the show, I thought, “Oh, you shoot a couple months and done.” It’s a year-round job, a hundred percent. Absolutely, a year-round job. You’re shooting almost half the year, and then you’re on half the year. And while you’re not shooting, you’re doing press for it and writing blogs and doing interviews and appearances. So it’s all the time, but because it’s reality, I’ve been able to have my children with me.

Friendship with Lisa, how’s that going?

Surprisingly, not too bad considering that the reunion was terrible, and they all kind of attacked me, went after me. Even though I tried to stay out of the problems this season, but I tend to get over things quickly. I have an amazing husband, and I have four amazing kids, so I don’t want those things to get to me too much. At the time, I do, but then I get over it.

We have this conversation with friends all the time. If you and I had dinner, and every time it ended in tears, we’d stop having dinner, wouldn’t we?

Why do we keep coming back? People are like, “God, you guys have so many problems,” but also, we have a lot of fun. Shooting the show is actually a lot of fun. I love the crew. I love my producers. They become like family to you, and we have a lot of fun times. We travel. We have so much fun together, but then you’ll have that one moment that’s bad, and you’ll see that, for sure. So I love filming the show. I just don’t like watching it. I wish we could just film it and like put it on the shelf.

So it’s a bigger deal to us because it’s made into a bigger deal than it is?

No. Sometimes it’s worse, but I’m saying we also have a lot of great moments too. We do have fun. And when we have fun, we have a lot of fun.

I’m just saying I wouldn’t want to have dinner with you if we hated each other?

Right, well, there’s some of those in there too. That’s another icky situation.

Can Clorox fix that?

I’m going to have to figure out some more words just to deal with those, or I’m going to look at that to fix those icky situations.

But is it like, it’s a job. Pick up your bootstraps, go.

Well, I wish I was like that, but I’m far more sensitive than that. So it’s very difficult and there are a lot of tears and anxiety at times. It’s just frustrating when you can’t explain everything. Really, the only way to explain is tweet something. You can do interviews, but sometimes, there’s so much stuff out there that’s not true or people have the wrong idea. You can’t explain everything.