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Game of Thrones

Who Is the Worst TV Boyfriend? The Results Are In!

Some TV boyfriends are totally worse than others. Specifically, ONE TV boyfriend is worse than all others; the votes are in!

Of course, every option got at least a few votes, because they all have their absolutely miserable failings as romantic partners. Pete Campbell isn’t only a bad boyfriend and husband, he’s an emotionally abusive illicit lover, too! Joffrey Baratheon is so mean he’ll show you your dead dad’s head on a spike ; ;unless you’re the kind of lady that can pretend to love the crossbow. And then there are the dudes who own a pager store and end up on ;To Catch a Predator, like Dennis Duffy from ;30 Rock.

Sure, some of them mean well, but just end up falling on their dumb faces. Bill Compton liked Sookie Stackhouse so much in ;True Blood ;that they even got their own sappy theme song — until Bill got all bitey and joined that cult. Nick Andopolis from ;Freaks and Geeks ;was too caught up in his own world, and ultimately ended up being pretty creepy. Dean Forester, Rory Gilmore’s first (and recurring) boyfriend on ;Gilmore Girls, ;seemed like the perfect, all-American boy until his being possessive, controlling, and adulterous just got obnoxious. Don Draper will cheat on everybody with everyone else and then lash out when he’s about to be discovered.

Can't wait any longer? Get your pitchfork ready! ;Click here to see who you voted the worst TV boyfriend!

05.2.2013 / 11:46 PM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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