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American Idol

Who Will Go Home on American Idol Tonight? 5/2/2013

Who will go home on American Idol tonight? We've been wrestling with our American Idol predictions for what will happen on the results show this evening, and we've finally decided who we think it will be. Who do you it will be?

We’ve been watching
American Idol 2013 since the very beginning, and we can’t recall a season where the Top 4 singers have been this strong. It’s truly anyone’s competition to win. However, only one gal can take the crown, so we’re going to make our prediction as to who was kicked off American Idol tonight by the voters.

Amber Holcomb hit the stage deflated on American Idol last night. Who can blame her? Despite some history-making performances this season, she’s been in the bottom, week after week. Combine the heartache of that with the grueling schedule these hopefuls keep, and it’s not hard to understand why she was looking blue.

We’re not quite sure why, but Amber hasn’t had the online following of the others since the beginning. It could go back to the fact that she wasn’t shown at all during Hollywood Week. When she did show up to sing that first version of “My Funny Valentine,” she was amazing, but the judges picked up on a lack of confidence. For whatever reason, perhaps the audience honed in on this as well.

In the end, we think it’s the end of the road for Amber tonight but we tend to agree with Nicki Minaj in that this girl has a long career ahead of her. With those unique and haunting vocals, we can imagine many producers are itching to get her in studio.

Who do you think will go home tonight?

05.2.2013 / 10:27 PM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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