Yes, There Really Is a Website Where People Can Rate Prostitutes
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Yes, There Really Is a Website Where People Can Rate Prostitutes

We really shouldn’t be surprised to know that just like rating your restaurant experience on Yelp, there are sites that encourage users to rate their escorts. According to CBS, a Texas-based escort review site called is not the first of its kind, mingling among similar sites like The Erotic Review, Naughty Reviews, and Big Doggie, but it is the first to be investigated for human trafficking.

“We know the internet is a problem,” said Texas Senator Leticia Van De Putte. “But what’s happened with these internet sites is that they’ve become advertising, money making ventures. This is not your prostitute standing on your street corner. This is online solicitation.”

Leticia has been working for years to crack down on trafficking in Texas, and her most recent attempt is a bill that is currently being reviewed by the House of Representatives that will allow officials to go after specific users of these escort rating sites. In theory, officials would be able to connect these individual posters with reports of trafficking complaints or prostitution rings and go after that individual with the intention to decrease human and sex trafficking over time.

CBS reports that they have attempted to identify the current owners of the site but have so far been unsuccessful.

As for the usefulness of the site, there have been mixed feelings. Interestingly, many commenters on Jezebel’s article have been supportive of the site’s mission. “They [escorts] are providing a service,” one commenter said, “sexual or not, what's the big deal if someone reviews that service?” “I'm confused,” said another, “if someone is electing to commodify their own body then why is it unethical for consumers of that product to then be smart/conscious about their consumption practices?”

Still, others didn’t jive as well with the idea of prostitute reviews. For example, one commenter said, “I'm not cool with that sh*t, no matter the level of ‘consent’ involved.”

Finally, one commenter stepped up to give their first-hand opinion of the site’s services, saying, “As an escort reviews are great. It lets hobbyists know that I'm a real person. That I'm independent and what kind of time they are likely to get. The amount of good clients that I get is much higher for at least a month or two after I get a review.”

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Source: CBS, Jezebel

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05.2.2013 / 06:32 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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