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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Recap: Season 12 Top 4 Results — Redux! (VIDEOS)

Who got voted off American Idol tonight when the Top 4 faced the music once again? Was it finally time for Amber Holcomb to go home in the American Idol results this week? Or has the mass love of the American Idol judges finally convinced the voters that Amber deserves to make it to the Top 3 more than Angie Miller, Kree Harrison or Candice Glover? Tune in with us for our live American Idol recap and find out who went home!

If the American Idol 2013 voting this week was just all about what happened with the performances last night, we think this evening’s elimination would have a very different outcome. We have no doubt it would probably be Kree Harrison who went home on American Idol tonight if we were judging just based on last night. She had the weakest performances of all the four girls and just didn’t seem in command of the stage this week.

However, voting for American Idol 2013 has never really been all about what just happened last night. Just like every other season, the voters care more about the overall presence and likeability of a contestant just as much (and perhaps more) than how well they sing or what song choices they make. If that holds true on the American Idol results show tonight, we think Kree will make it to the Top 3.

No matter who got kicked off American Idol tonight, we’ll be right here to bring you all the elimination results as soon as they happen live starting at 8 PM ET. So please stay tuned right here and watch with us!

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If the ladies survive the cut tonight, they will get that coveted “hometown visit,” host Ryan Seacrest says in the intro tonight. A montage of previous American Idol winners and finalists visiting their hometowns while the Top 4 talk about how much they want to return home as a conquering hero. The tagline that closes out the montage says dramatically: “All four are going home, but only three are coming back.”

Now let’s please welcome our judges! Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Randy Jackson and Keith Urban. And here’s our host for the evening, the indomitable Ryan Seacrest. He says it’s time for big news as the official American Idol Top 3 will be announced tonight. Also this evening, we’ll have guest performances from, former American Idol winner David Cook, and last night’s mentor Harry Connick Jr.

But first, it’s time for the cheesy group number as the Top 4 ladies perform a song from the Leo DiCaprio-starring film The Great Gatsby.

After the Top 4 perform, we have a promotion break with Ryan and the ladies talking about the American Idols Live! Tour this summer. Tickets are on sale now. We follow that up with a commercial for the American Idol sponsor car, the Ford Fiesta, sharing about how you can win your very own car.

Speaking of Ford, we come back from the break to another Fiesta mission. This week’s mission is for the American Idol Top 4 to design their very own paint job for a Fiesta modeled after their musical inspirations.

Ryan teases the Top 4 with talk about what they will get if they land a hometown visit, like private jets, police escorts and massive concerts. That’s just kind of mean for the girl who is going to get eliminated on American Idol tonight.

Next up, we launch into the reviews of last night’s performances. Angie Miller is up first and mentor Jimmy Iovine feels Rihanna’s “Diamonds” wasn’t the right song choice for her. As for Amber Holcomb, Jimmy thinks her first song sounded karaoke, but agrees with the judges that her second song was fabulous. Candice did a magnificent job on both songs, Jimmy thought, even if it wasn’t her best night ever. Lastly, his critique of Kree is not all that positive and really feels she hasn’t lived up to her potential the past few weeks.

David Cook Sings “Laying Me Low” on American Idol 2013 Top 4 Results

Our first guest performance on the American Idol 2013 Top 4 results show comes from former American Idol winner David Cook with his new single “Laying Me Low.” Performs "Bang, Bang" on American Idol 2013 Top 4 Results

The second guest performer on the American Idol Top 4 results show tonight is with his new single “Bang, Bang.”

The second guest performer on the American Idol Top 4 results show tonight is with his new single “Bang, Bang.”

Forgive us, but honestly we have no idea what is going on with this song, or what’s on stage, or what on Earth is happening. is just so out there, you just kind of have to go with it and not even try to decipher what the heck he is singing about. Even if it is a lot of chaos and crazy costumes, however, you can’t deny it’s entertaining.

Constantine Maroulis Performs... Nothing

Welcome back Constantine Maroulis! The first American Idol finalist to be nominated for a Tony, Constantine is currently starring in Broadway in Jekyll & Hyde. We’re kind of sad that he isn’t performing tonight, which seems a bit lame. If you’re going to bring him back, let him perform! Oh well. If you want to know who Constantine picked as his favorite finalist, find out in our exclusive interview with the Broadway star.

Harry Connick Jr. Sings "What Every Man Should Know" on American Idol 2013 Top 4 Results

In what feels like a continuing audition to be part of the American Idol judges’ panel for 2014, Harry Connick Jr. returns this evening to perform his new single “What Every Man Should Know.” After his song, Harry jokes with Ryan Seacrest about various things, showing how not boring he is and how, even if he can’t be a judge, maybe he could take over for Ryan if he does end up as the next Today show co-host, right?

Now, finally, it is time for the first American Idol results of the evening.

Ryan announces the first person who will get the chance for their hero hometown visit is... Angie Miller! The second person making it through to the Top 3 is... Candice Glover! So the bottom two tonight are Amber Holcomb and Kree Harrison.

Time for a break, of course.

And we're back! Over 81 million votes have decided that the third person who is safe tonight is... Kree Harrison!

Amber Holcomb has been eliminated from American Idol 2013.

That's a wrap for our live American Idol results recap tonight Join us here again next week for the Top 3 performances!

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