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American Idol

American Idol Judge Nicki Minaj Slams Mariah Carey on Twitter!

Sometimes, a two-hour long show still isn't enough time to squeeze in every last insult.

American Idol 2013 judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey exchanged digs during last night's episode, and now Nicki has hopped onto Twitter to keep the skirmish going.

During the episode, Mariah didn't appreciate the advice that Nicki was giving to Angie Miller, so Mariah told Angie to listen only to her own advice, since she herself is a "singer."

Nicki didn't love this and handed Mariah a Q-tip to clean out her ears, leading Mariah to point out that Nicki doesn't have any Billboard number ones. Ladies, please! Let's stay focused on the contestants, shall we? But we do know who to ask the next time we need a Q-tip.

Now, Nicki has taken offense to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton's claim that Mariah burned her on the show, so Nicki is airing her grievances on Twitter.

On May 2, Nicki tweeted:

So did Nicki use the words "at her age" to imply that Mariah is old? Talk about a burn!

But wait there's more:

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Whoa, whoa, whoa! Did Nicki just confirm the rumor that American Idol producers were considering replacing Mariah with Jennifer Lopez midway through this season? So much for Nicki taking the high road.

At the moment, Mariah has yet to respond via Twitter. But you can be sure we'll hear from her about this during tonight's episode. Brace yourself.

So what are your feelings about The Great Judge Feud of 2013? We think it's kinda fun that these two are finally going at it a little bit, considering that their much-hyped dislike of each other hadn't really been a factor this season.

Then again, could this battle just be something they're creating in order to increase viewer interest in the show? After all, the show's ratings couldn't get much lower.

Long story short: Keep the wisecracks coming, you two!

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05.3.2013 / 12:46 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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