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Ashlee Frazier and Brad Womack: Does this Pic Confirm They’re Dating?

Do you smell that? It's the scent of love-laced pheromones wafting from Bachelor Brad Womack. This professional stud might not have had luck finding love on national television, but he's finally found the woman of his dreams –– Bachelor 17 reject AshLee Frazier!

We thought this gal (sorry, LADY) would never recover after she was cruelly deflowered by Sean Lowe, but she and Brad have been joined at the hip for almost a month, and it looks like they're finally admitting that they're a couple.

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These two took their love connection public on April 6 after meeting during an event in their home state of Texas. Since then, Brad and AshLee have been trying to keep their relationship relatively private (though they've tweeted the occasional selfie), so thank goodness for fan pics.

Check out AshLee and Brad
voguing for the camera with this bright-eyed Bachelor Nation fan-girl, who captioned her snapshot "It's just really hard to look cute next to the most beautiful couple in America....."

Not only did AshLee not deny the “couple” distinction — she even thanked the fan with the royal we. “Thank you from us both!” That’s like the Instagram equivalent of signing a birthday card as “AshLee & Brad.” So couple-y!

Hmmm, seems to us that Ash and Brad might be official! And by the way –– truer words have never been spoken about their beauty. These two are already gorgeous on their own, but together they're an unstoppable force of hotness. In fact, they might even cuter than Jef Holm and his hair coif — our favorite Bachelor pairing of all time.

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05.3.2013 / 10:06 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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