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The Bachelor

Catherine Giudici Goes Maternity Shopping — Sean Says “It’s Not Mine!”

Ladies, prepare your ovaries, because Bachelor Season 17 winner Catherine Guidici recently took a break from her busy schedule of matching her outfits to Sean Lowe’s dance costumes in order to go maternity shopping at Los Angeles' very own Destination Maternity. Let the screaming, flailing, and speculation commence!

But before you fly into a full-blown panic and start crocheting baby booties shaped like roses, here are the facts:
Yes, Catherine and her fiance, Bachelor Sean Lowe, want to pop out a troop of kiddos, but girlfriend isn't pregnant — yet! She was simply trolling around a maternity store with her Bachelor co-star, Lesley Murphy. Totally normal behavior.

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"Just emerged from the womb of Destination Maternity," Catherine tweeted on May 2. "Boy, was it crowded in there. @LesleyMurph @bhlmagazine #letthefalserumorsbegin #milky!"

No word yet as to why Catherine and Lesley were chilling with a bunch of nursing bras, but Sean was quick to deny Catherine's pregnancy. "It's not mine!" he frantically tweeted mere minutes after his fiancée's revelation.

Shhhh, calm yourself, Sean. We know you're a (born-again) virgin. Which is why we can only assume that Catherine has been immaculately conceptioned by one of your angel friends from heaven.

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