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Countdown to Mother’s Day, Day 9: Son Repays Mom for ‘Unconditional Love’ (VIDEO)

Here at Wetpaint Moms, we think Mother’s Day is a big freaking deal.

It’s a day to celebrate the moms we love for all they do, and hopefully a time to treat yourself with something nice. That’s why we’re continuing our countdown to Mother’s Day by rounding up some great ideas every single day until May 12 to help celebrate the mom in your life, especially if that mom is you!

Use these ideas for inspiration, or feel free to send on to a significant other (hint, hint) to spark some ideas. Whether you want to celebrate your own mom, feel like treating your fellow moms, or just want to give yourself a little pick -me-up on your “special day,” make sure you feel good about this holiday. You’ve earned it!

This man decided to celebrate his own birthday by “celebrating the woman who gave me life,” effectively bringing us all to tears by presenting her with the proof that he had just paid off her mortgage. Can you even stand all the love right now?

Aba Atlas had, at one point in his life, been absent from home for almost two years, ignoring his mother’s calls and brushing her off, he says. He had just started saving up his money when his father passed away, and so he made the decision to celebrate the only parent he had left: his mom.

Aba says, “My mom wakes up early in the morning, does 10-12 hours shifts, comes home late at night, cooks us food, smiles, and goes to bed. Rinse and repeat… I know the burden she has and I have a tremendous amount of respect for her. So you ask me who my mother is, she’s definitely the strongest person I know.”

In the video, Aba presents his mother with the bank stub that says her mortgage is now completely paid off, and she says, “Tonight I will not sleep for fear of dying of happiness.” While that seems a bit extreme, Aba’s Ethiopian mother is just expressing her extreme gratitude for her son’s gift.

We couldn’t be happier for the two of them, and our day just got a little brighter, thanks to this son’s huge heart.

Make sure to visit us tomorrow as we continue our countdown to the “mother” of all days, and check out our other fab Mother’s Day ideas that you may have missed!

Source: YouTube

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