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The Kardashians

Did The Kardashians Confront Pregnant Kim Over Kanye West’s Behavior?

Pregnant Kim Kardashian seems over the moon with her boyfriend and baby daddy Kanye West, but apparently her family isn’t quite so smitten! According to Life & Style, the Kardashians staged an intervention of sorts, to confront Kim about how poorly Kanye treats her!

Before the clan took off for their Grecian getaway, “Kourtney, Khloe and Kris each talked to her separately,” the tabloid’s source said. “They told her Kanye was treating her badly. The family feels that Kim jumps through hoops to even be in the same country as Kanye, but he just does whatever he wants, when he wants.”

OK, so he just really really wanted to pick Kim up in Greece in a private jet? That was a selfish thing he was doing for himself? OK. Just making sure we’re clear here.

“Mostly, they’re shocked at how he’s never around,” the source went on, “Kourt was the most vocal because she’s been pregnant twice before.”

Ugh, source. First of all, Kanye is around, and now you’re going to make us get all, “Yeah, because Scott Disick was such a model father while Kourt was pregnant" on this story, and we’re going to feel bad about it. See?. It happened. Thanks a lot.

Also pissed: Kim’s stepdad, Bruce Jenner, who reportedly “said Kanye wasn’t acting like a man.”

If you believe any of this (and believe us, we don’t), this was Kim’s reaction. She, “got really angry and kept defending Kanye.”

Well, that much we can believe anyway.

Source: Life & Style via GossipCop