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American Idol

Who Got Voted Off American Idol Last Night? 4/17/2013

No matter who got voted off American Idol tonight, it was going to be a sad farewell. All of the Top 4 ladies this season are beautiful singers, despite all the complaints from critiques about a lack of talent this season. Regardless of who was voted off American Idol tonight, all four of these women earned their place in the finals and deserve respect for the journey they have made so far.

Before going into the American Idol 2013 results show tonight, our prediction for who would go home was settled firmly on Amber Holcomb, even though she seems to be a heavy favorite with the American Idol judges. Although she has been consistently great throughout the competition, Amber has just never garnered the kind of hefty fan base and social media suport the other ladies have. In our fan poll, Wetpaint readers agreed that Amber should be the person who was kicked off American Idol tonight.

For the second week in a row, the gang over at Vote For The Worst have been encouraging their readers to support Kree Harrison. Our fan poll had her as the second most likely person to go home in the American Idol elimination results tonight. We guessed everything would pretty much balance out with Kree and she’d end up in the Top 3 after all the votes were counted.

Fan polls often give us an insight as to who got voted off American Idol before the official results are announced, but sometimes the reactions vary so widely from site to site, it’s impossible to tell. This time around was really one of those kinds of weeks. On one site we saw Amber coming in last, on another it was Kree, then Angie, then Candice — honestly, it really was anyone’s guess what exactly would happen tonight on American Idol 2013.

So who did end up going home? Which three ladies will have one more chance to make it to the American Idol finale for Season 12? Dim the lights and here are your results...

Ryan announces the first person who will get the chance for their hero hometown visit is... Angie Miller! The second person making it through to the Top 3 is... Candice Glover! So the bottom two tonight are Amber Holcomb and Kree Harrison.

Time for a break, of course.

And we're back! Over 81 million votes have decided that the third person who is safe tonight is... Kree Harrison!

Amber Holcomb has been eliminated from American Idol 2013.

That's a wrap for our live American Idol results recap tonight Join us here again next week for the Top 3 performances!

05.3.2013 / 08:47 PM EDT by Laura Vess
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