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The Bachelorette

Emily Maynard Wants To “Take It All Off!”

The time has come for Emily Maynard to unbridle her passions and bare all to Bachelor Nation. No, girlfriend isn't stripping down to her itsy-bitsy bikini (she saves that for when cameras are around), but she is ready to "take it all off!" Which is girl-code for removing her eye makeup.

As we all know, Emily is a professional fashionista, and she doesn't leave the house without a hefty layer of makeup (not that she needs it — her skin is flawless!). This gal uses waterproof mascara and eyeliner to get a long-lasting look, but the problem? Waterproof makeup is almost impossible to remove, and Emily has a lot of feelings about her plight.

"If there’s any time of day that I'm especially grateful to be single, it would have to be at bedtime when I take my makeup off," she muses on her lifestyle blog. "And not for the reason you're thinking. I don't turn into a troll. Unless you're thinking of one of those super cute dolls with the rainbow hair and jewel on their belly. I'll totally take that."

Oh, Em, you jokester, you! "Any man would be appalled by how many cotton balls it takes to get my eye makeup off," she continues. "I swear I really don't even wear that much! Its only because my eyeliner is waterproof so its [sic] extra hard to take off; however, one would think Gene Simmons took over my bathroom after a KISS concert."

This gal has such a way with words. But how does she deal with her eye makeup crisis? Apparently, Emily has "tried every kind of eye makeup remover," but nothing seems to work except for excess cotton balls and a lot of patience. "The moral of the story is get a really good eye makeup remover and cotton balls in bulk," she concludes. "And hide the evidence immediately."

Or she could, you know, switch to regular mascara. Just an idea!

Source: Emily Maynard

05.3.2013 / 10:31 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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