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Glee Promo: 4×22 Season Finale — In-Depth Analysis of “All or Nothing”

Glee Season 4 is about to come to an end! Next Thursday, May 9, is the finale, Episode 22: "All Or Nothing." And from what we’ve been hearing, there are going to be plenty of cliffhangers! To help give us a better idea of what’s in store, we’re turning to the official promo for the episode.

We’ve taken the promo and broken it down
— second by second, frame by frame — in search of clues about what to expect. Take a look at what we’ve been able to uncover so far.

00:01 — “Next Thursday.”

It’s true. Sadly, Thursday, May 9 will be the very last episode of Glee Season 4. But don’t fret. It’s not like Glee is going to be over for good. Fox has already renewed it for two more years. Bring on Seasons 5 and 6!

Credit: Jessica Sanchez on Instagram    

00:03 — Mr. Schue gives a pre-Regionals pep talk.

“We’ve struggled, we’ve endured. This is our moment. Regionals!” The long-awaited competition is finally here, and we already know that the New Directions will be going up against some very talented choirs. In particular, the Hooiserdaddies led by Frida Romero, a talented sophomore played by American Idol runner up Jessica Sanchez.

00:07 — “A chance of a lifetime.”

Rachel (Lea Michele) has her final callback for the starring role in the Broadway revival of Funny Girl. She stand confidently in the center of the room. “I’ll be auditioning for the role of Fanny Brice today.” But does she ultimately get the role? That still remains to be seen!

00:12 — “A truth is exposed.”

Ryder (Blake Jenner) does not look happy. He stands in the choir room, staring down all of the New Directions. “Someone is playing games with me, and I want to know who!” It’s already been confirmed that this is the episode when we finally learn who’s been Catfishing Ryder. Oh, and based on what we’ve heard, there’s a twist coming to this story that you might not expect.

00:15 — “A surprise wedding.”

Hold on a second. Did this just confirm that Kurt (Chris Colfer) will say yes to Blaine’s (Darren Criss) marriage proposal? We don’t know for sure, but this promo is certainly make it sound like he does!

“I was kind of hoping that you’d be my best man,” Blaine says to
Sam (Chord Overstreet). Is it just us, or does Sam not look too excited about this whole idea?

Credit: Adam Rose/Eddy Chen/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

00:18 — “All will be revealed.”
Brittany (Heather Morris) is at MIT, having a discussion with two very quirky-looking professors. “You may be the most brilliant mind since Albert Einstein.”

Sadly, MIT is in Massachusetts, and as we learned this season, characters who don’t attend either NYADA or McKinley don’t get very much screen time. Rumors have been flying that Brittany could be leaving the show for good, especially now that actress Heather Morris is pregnant. Say it ain’t so!

00:24 — “In the Glee-tastic season finale.”

The New Directions take the stage. We love their purple outfits, but we’re not quite as excited about the fact that they’ll be singing the Snooki & JWOWW theme as one of their songs. We know it’s hot on the radio right now. But is it really competition-winning material? We’ll just have to wait and see!

One more thing of note:
Finn isn’t in this episode at all. Actor Cory Monteith entered rehab for substance abuse issues at the end of March, so he was not able to take part in either of the final two episodes of the season. Not to worry, though. Glee has already stated that they’re looking forward to his return in Season 5. Cory finished up his month in rehab just last week, and he’s been busy spending time with his family and girlfriend Lea Michele ever since!

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