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Glee Recap Season 4, Episode 21 “Wonder-ful”: Blaine Wants to Propose!

This week was all about Stevie and Klaine-y! In this week’s joyous Glee Season 4 Episode 21: “Wonder-ful,” Blaine asks for Kurt’s hand in marriage, and we ask the show to hold on a minute so we can stop squealing. Uh-oh, here we go again. [Insert high-pitched, neverending “squeeeeee” sound here.]

It’s time for the recap — so get rid of your navy blue shirts, grab your favorite cane, and refuse to take your shoulder wrap off.

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Time to Get Your Stevie Wonder On

In a fitting almost-end to the season, Mercedes, Kurt, and Mike have all returned to the choir room to prep New Directions for Regionals. And more good news: Wemma’s wedding is back on! But uh, you should probably hang on to your wedding gift receipts, just to be safe.

Artie finds out he got in to the Brooklyn Film Academy, but Kitty senses he’s not happy about something. Kitty is so perceptive these days!

Artie claims his mom doesn’t want him to move to NYC, but Kitty adorably intervenes and finds out his mom wants him to go. In fact, Artie is nervous and doesn’t want to leave his mom behind, but she convinces him to go become the next Martin Scorsese already — or at least the next Michael Bay. (What can we say? Pearl Harbor wasn’t that bad.)

Rachel gets a second callback for Fanny Brice, but Cassie is determined to be a pain in the fanny by moving up her dance midterm. When she arrives for the hellacious exam, Rachel realizes Cassie is actually on Team Rachel, and they even hug it out! Yes, these two hugged. We’re as shocked as you are.

Credit: Adam Rose/Mike Yarish/©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Goodbye, Cancer. Hello, Awkward Burt-Blaine Time.

Kurt gets good news during his trip to Ohio — namely, that Burt is healthy as a horse, and strong as an ox, and other animal-related comparisons. Actually, we’re using the animal euphemisms in order to avoid getting into details about the man’s prostate. But if you must know, his prostate is looking fan-freakin’-tastic. You’re welcome for that mental image.

Unfortch, Mercedes doesn’t get quite as cheery news, as she drops her record label when she realizes they want her to show more skin. Apparently, not every singer with a big voice will voluntarily share near-daily topless pics on Twitter like Rihanna does.

But Burt wasn’t done starring in oh-so-epic scenes, as Blaine pays him a visit to ask for his permission to marry Kurt. Say what?! And while Burt basically saying “hell to the no” wasn’t quite what we were hoping he’d say, we must admit that his voice-of-reason approach is exactly what we’d expect from Burt. By the way, why is Kurt’s dad so amazingly amazing? Anyone?

Plus, Kurt tells Blaine he’ll stick around in Ohio to cheer the gang on for Nationals, so there’s still time to help Burt see the light, right? Please say we’re right.

Our Favorite Scene of the Night

Our “Favorite Scene of the Night” Award in this excellent, upbeat episode goes to Burt and Klaine’s heart-to-heart, just because we love everything Burt does — and we love that Blaine isn’t giving up. Sure, maybe his proposal is a bit out of left field, but we’re trying to just focus on the sentiment behind the proposal.

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Our runner-up scene is Artie and his mom, in part in part because we love late-season Kitty. She’s putting out fires left and right these days! Plus, we like to pretend that Artie’s older siblings are Bud and Kelly from Married with Children. (Related note: Where did you go, David Faustino — aka the dude who played Bud?)

However, if the show doesn’t want us to ship Kartie, then it shouldn’t be making them so darn cute together. Come to think of it, we were shipping Ritty last week because she and Ryder was equally darn cute. Who knew that Kitty would be so shippable by the season’s end?

Prediction Time!

This episode was almost too cheery, since it makes us think that next week’s will be a downer. Will Rachel get the part? After her success this week, we’re bracing for bad news, people. And Regionals will end badly too, right? But we’re crossing everything in sight that Klaine will at least get back together — even if they don’t become husband and husband.

Long story short, we’re going to try to keep the squealing to a minimum as we wait breathlessly for next week. And if Blaine wants to propose to us, we’re not gonna stop him.

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