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Glee Spoiler: Is Ryder’s Catfish, “Katie,” a Boy or Girl? — UPDATE

UPDATE: Glee's Season 4 finale revealed that Unique is the Catfish!

On May 3, Joaquin wrote on Twitter, "#gleeks... hey guys I'm so sorry. I misunderstood. I thot u were asking if my mustache was a boy or a girl. My mustache is a boy." That's interesting info, and all. But it still doesn't help us figure out who Katie actually is. Looks like we're back to the drawing board on this one.

It’s perhaps one of the biggest Glee mysteries of this season. Who is Catfishing Ryder (Blake Jenner)? The floppy-haired football star fell hard and fast for a girl named Katie who he met online.

There’s just one problem. “Katie” isn’t actually who she appears to be. Ryder tracked down the girl from her photos, only to discover that the familiar blonde is actually a girl named Marissa. So who has Ryder been talking to all this time?

Our only solid clue comes from a cell phone that went off in the McKinley High School choir room during the recent school shooting episode. Ryder called Katie, hoping to find out if she was okay, and someone’s phone started going off in the choir room that very minute.

Credit: Joaquin Sedillo on Twitter    

This isn’t proof that “Katie” is a member of the New Directions, but it’s very interesting evidence. Sadly, we won’t find out the identity of Ryder’s Catfish until May 9’s Glee Season 4 finale, but one of the show’s crew members just tweeted a very interesting hint!

On May 2, a fan tweeted at Glee Director of Photography Joaquin Sedillo to ask if he knew who Katie is. After a bit of additional prompting, Joaquin replied with some surprising new info: Katie is actually a boy!

So which guys is he? When Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with former Glee Project contender Lily Mae Harrington back in March, she told us she thinks Unique (Alex Newell) might end up being Ryder’s Catfish. (And honestly? We’re kind of really intrigued by that idea.)

That said, because Unique identifies as a girl, it’s technically incorrect to refer to her as a boy. But was Joaquin thinking about that when he tweeted — or is it possible that he was referring to the fact that Wade is biologically male? We’re just not entirely sure.

Based of this new information, do you think that Unique is the one Catfishing Ryder — or do you have someone else pegged as the culprit? Head below to the comments to share your theories!

Source: Joaquin Sedillo on Twitter

05.3.2013 / 10:37 PM EDT by Beth Douglass
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