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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 9, Episode 22: “Do You Believe in Magic?”

Tonight’s Grey's Anatomy (Season 9, Episode 22: "Do You Believe in Magic?") jumps right into the action as a magician arrives in the ambulance bay with his assistant... who didn’t quite make it to the hospital in one piece. He kind of cut her in half with a chainsaw instead of creating the illusion of cutting her in half with a chainsaw — oops?

Meanwhile, visiting craniofacial surgeon Lauren (guest star Hilarie Burton — Oh, how we've missed you, Peyton Sawyer!), has arrived and will be working with Arizona on a newborn patient born with her brain outside of her head. If you ask us, there’s a little bit of a flirty vibe going on there — Arizona, you’re married! If only Callie wasn't totally enamored with her, too.

While all of this is going on, Bailey is holed up in a lab and refuses to talk to anyone, regardless of how hard everyone tries — especially Callie. She even has nothing to say when everyone waits for her outside the bathroom, hoping to get her to talk. It’s kind of a creepy plan, but they’re out of ideas. Bailey isn’t budging. She just heads back into the lab without a word.

Ethan goes back to the hotel for the night with his grandmother, and it’s obvious that he and Owen are getting even more attached to each other. In the meantime, Cristina’s working hard to find a way to bring Ethan’s dad out of his coma. She even drills Stephanie, her intern for the day, and asks every doctor in the hospital. She even goes so far as to call France — who knew Cristina knew French?!

Meredith and Richard operate on the magician’s assistant, and she comes out of surgery all put back together. The next few hours will be critical in determining whether or not she survives, and the magician and his other assistant don’t take it very well. It comes out that the magician is actually Sawed-In-Half Girl’s husband... and his other assistant has been having an affair with her. Yikes!

Ethan comes back to the hospital, but not in the way we thought. He’s rushed into the ER unconscious after having gotten into his grandmother’s sleeping pills. They’re able to save him, but when he wakes up, his grandmother is waiting for a social worker to arrive. She would rather adopt him out to a set of real parents, because she’s unable to take care of him. Owen tries to change her mind, but she’s convinced it’s the only option she has.

Credit: Ron Tom/ ABC    

Meanwhile, April’s dealing with some really rowdy drunk girls. While out celebrating a friend’s 21st birthday, one girl had way too much to drink and had pretty severe abdominal damage. The other two girls are wasted and completely useless, and April’s had about enough. Bailey is still not operating, so Jackson steps in to help her with the surgery. April apologizes to him and tells him he’s holding the hospital together, calling him a miracle — would you two just get back together already?! She asks Jackson to grab a drink at Joe’s, but he’s already got plans with Stephanie. Bummer.

Bailey still hasn’t come out of the lab, and we figure out why: she’s spent the day obsessively testing herself for Staph over and over again, even though she’s already been cleared. It’s a really cute moment when we find out Richard calls Ben and he flies in and finally gets Bailey to talk. It wasn't the Richard/Bailey moment we wanted, but seeing Bailey break down and finally open up in front of Ben was worth the wait.

Back with the magician and his assistant, they're still waiting for his wife to wake up. The magician admits he only did the chainsaw trick because he hoped if their act became more famous, his wife would love him again. He tells his assistant he knows his wife doesn’t need him, he needs her.

As Arizona leaves the hospital, she ends up sharing an elevator with Lauren, who starts flirting with her again. This time, Arizona cuts her off, and tells her she’s married, and by the way, she only has one leg. Lauren says she knows — “Do you know how many Arizona Robbins there are on the internet?”

Meanwhile, with the McDreamy family, Meredith and Derek have a cute moment with Zola at home. Derek’s spent all day dealing with a patient who had a really bratty, uncooperative little brother, and is a little worried Zola’s brother might be like him. Meredith promises he won’t be, because Zola’s pretty good at taking charge — Derek is wearing a princess crown while drinking out of a tiny tea cup, so we’d have to agree.

Alex has spent all day avoiding Jo, until they run into each other in the office when they both need to use the computer. They have an argument, and decide they better both just stay out of each other’s business. When Alex is leaving the hospital, he sees Jo and Jason having quite a loud shouting match inside, and when he gets home that night, Jo is waiting for him outside — with a black eye and a bloody lip. Jason, you are a douchebag after all.

What did you think of all the drama? Sound off in the comments!

Catch the next Grey's Anatomy on Thursday, May 9, 2013 on ABC.

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