Grey’s Anatomy Season 9: Jackson Avery’s Best Moments
Credit: Bob D'Amico/ ABC    
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9: Jackson Avery’s Best Moments

Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) has always been one of our favorite surgeons on Grey’s Anatomy and it doesn’t hurt that he’s not bad to look at, either. Since he showed up on the scene when Seattle Grace merged with Mercy West, Jackson’s made it pretty hard not to love him.

Jackson’s had to face some pretty big challenges this season, but we’ve learned they’re nothing he can’t handle. Here are Jackson’s best moments in Season 9:

Jackson proposes to April. When April has a pregnancy scare, she’s pretty freaked out — and even though he’s a little freaked out too, Jackson handles it perfectly. He proposes to her and promises her the life she’s always wanted — the wedding, the house, the kids, everything. And even though April kinda managed to screw it up, it was still an incredibly sweet gesture.

Jackson takes control. When Catherine Avery helps buy the hospital and appoints Jackson the head of the board, everyone’s shocked, especially Jackson. (“Your mama just bought you a hospital,” Jackson! The least you could do is look a little excited.) And while he gets off to a rocky start, he’s eventually able to command everyone’s attention and take charge. If you ask us, Jackson’s doing an awesome job so far.

Jackson renames the hospital. Since he’s been the head of the hospital, Jackson has had to make a lot of decisions. One of our favorites is when he decided to rename Seattle Grace Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, in memory of Lexie and Mark (sob). We think it’s such a perfect way to remember two of our favorite characters.

Jackson won’t apologize to April. Even though April is dating Matthew and Jackson’s dating Stephanie, we still hold out hope for them as a couple. So when Jackson refused to regret their relationship, we could tell that Jackson holds out hope too. We’re crossing our fingers that this means he’s willing to fight for her, because we would love to see them back together soon!

What are your favorite Jackson moments from Season 9? Sound off in the comments below!

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