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The Bachelorette

Is Desiree Hartsock on Instagram?

The often imitated, impossible to copy Desiree Hartsock has quite a few wannabes out in the world. But the Season 9 Bachelorette wants her fans to know that there is only one of her, and that one is posting MAD Instagram photos — at @hartsdesire4.

It seems that people trying to capitalize on Des’s quick rise to fame have set up some fakies, full of pics stolen off the interwebs, trying to pass as the latest rose-doling queen. But don’t be fooled, y’all. Desiree’s actual Instagram account is chock full of inspirational quotes, fan art, food, and enough selfies to stock an entire scrapbook of memories you never actually had yourself.

And because she wanted people to know what was up with the rest of the social media realm, Des posted a pic of herself and her official Twitter handle too (which is @DesHartsock, FYI). But in case that was unclear, she also posted a note three months ago saying “Follow me on twitter @DesHartsock. Note: I do not have facebook, tumbler [sic], or any other social media page set up. Thanks for the love! xoxo.”

Just to be even clearer, Des's Twitter says "Follow on instagram @hartsdesire4." Got it.

Wow, this must be an even bigger problem than we thought! In fact, Des isn’t the only famous fabulous Bachelor nation chick to hop on this exposure of fakes. Fellow Sean rejectee Lindsay Yenter did the same thing a few weeks back, and Season 13 winner (sorta) Molly Mesnick just called out an Insta-stalker for his/her(/our) creepy ways.

Guess life isn’t all champagne and roses.

Source: @hartsdesire4

05.3.2013 / 03:04 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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