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The Bachelorette

Jef Holm’s Secret Arrest Record Revealed! — Exclusive

Emily Maynard's diminutive ex, Jef Holm, is many things. The Season 8 Bachelorette winner is a skateboarding enthusiast, a coif-making genius, a philanthropist, a soft talker — and a hardened criminal? In this exclusive video from ZAGG's "Make It Yours" series, Jef spills major juice on his past.

"I've been to jail," the clean-cut V-neck wearer reveals. Say what, ducktails (just look at it. It's there)?! Yeah, but it's not like he broke into a rose shop to relive his Bachelorette rose ceremony memories, or stole selvage from a gingham-only fabric store. Nope, apparently Jef got pulled over when he was 16 for, um, not wearing a helmet... while riding his scooter.

"When I was 19, I got pulled over again for no blinker or something, and he was like 'You have a warrant out for your arrest.'" he explains. "So, I got taken to jail. But they wouldn't put me in the back of the car, or in the jail."

Say what? See, even before he was making and breaking hearts, he was his own special star. But it's not for the reasons you'd think. "He was like 'you'll get eaten alive in there,'" Jef divulges, "So I just hung with the guys in the front."

Um, okay, so recap: you once got pulled over for riding a scooter with no helmet. Then, you got pulled over for riding a scooter without signaling. But the cop thought your mouth was too purty for a jail cell, so you just “hung with the guys”? Yep, sounds about right to us...

05.3.2013 / 02:37 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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