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Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans Says She’s All Alone: “I Have No Friends”

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans has been going through a rough time since her arrest for heroin possession and simple assault on April 23, and she could use a bestie more than ever. The problem? This poor Ugg-loving soul doesn't have anyone to rely on, as most of her friends have either moved away from home or sold her out to the tabloids. Yep, girlfriend is lonely — and we can only assume that she spends her days singing "Lean On Me" and eating Alfredo sauce.

"Today will be boring as f —, lol I have no friends," Jenelle tweeted on May 3. "The only friends I do have live far as f —! "

Two things: 1. this gal has such a way with words. 2. where are all her besties at? While Jenelle is still tight with her childhood friend, Victoria Rhyne (who lives in Myrtle Beach), it looks like she has some major trust issues with the kids in her hometown.

When a fan asked Jenelle who's fault it is that she doesn't have a solid friend group, she responded with "mine for not trusting a single soul where I live. Only a select few I chill with."

This might sound slightly dramatic, but Jenelle has good reason not to trust people. Almost all of her boyfriends have betrayed her at one point or another, most of her friends have spoken to the press about her dramatic personal life, and even her own sister has a relationship with the tabloids!

Hopefully Jenelley will find some kewl kids to chill with sometime soon. Might we suggest the staff at her local Olive Garden?

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05.3.2013 / 08:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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