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The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian Loses Endorsement to Vampire Diaries Star?

Now that Kim Kardashian is loving her pregnancy, we’re hoping this one little downside doesn’t bother her too much: According to the New York Post, she has to hand over the reins of her endorsement deal with Midori! Kim has been the face of the melon liqueur for quite some time, but now that she’s in a family way she’s passing on the green dress to a popular TV star.

So, which starlet can we hope to see in full party mode at this year’s Midori’s Green Halloween party? It’s The Vampire Diaries’ Candice Accola!

The bubbly blond actress, styled by George Kotsiopoulos, will reportedly be the brand’s new style ambassador.

From where we’re sitting (on our couch) this is a totally sensible changing of the guard. Kim partnered with Midori in early 2011, so we’d say she’s had a good run, and being pregnant is a preeeeeetty great reason to quit reppin’ alcohol brands.

So, Candice, you're up! This TVD charmer looks great in green, so we're sure she's going to look the part—let's just hope she loves a sugary cocktail!

Source: New York Post