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Lea Michele’s Stylist Orchestrates a Huge Makeover! (PHOTOS)

Lea Michele (Rachel) just treated herself to an epic style makeover! No, this gal didn't chop off her hair or dye her locks platinum blonde, but she did let her fabulous West Hollywood bungalow undergo a total redesign with the help of interior designer Estee Stanley.

Estee, who also happens to be Lea’s stylist, is editor-at-large at Domain Home, and she recently shared all the info on Lea's beautiful new digs.

Shockingly, Estee and her team managed to makeover Lea's home in just four hours, using "truckloads" of stylish furniture, rugs, art and accessories. “The only direction she gave me was that she wanted it to be cozy,” Estee says. “And not to touch Barbra [Lea's photo collection of Barbra Streisand].”

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Estee morphed Lea's living room into a comfortable space with English cabinetry, linen upholstery, and a custom coffee table, and made sure to keep some of Lea's signature pieces — like her writing desk, aka her "Bradshaw."

“I’m definitely feminine, but at the same time I don’t want my house to be overtly so,” Lea explains. “I wanted it to have touches of masculinity.”

So, what did Lea think of the big reveal? “She squealed and sort of almost cried. I think she was shocked that she loved it,” Estee says, while Lea adds “I always had the utmost faith!”

Check out pictures of Lea's pad at Domaine Home and tell us what you think of the re-design!

Source: Domain Home

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