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Nashville Music: Gunnar Sings “Gun For a Mouth” in Episode 18

We have a lot to thank Nashville for, with the hottest reason being Gunnar Scott’s (Sam Palladio) appearance in our lives. And while he hasn’t exactly been a shining beacon of awesomeness in the past few episodes, the little taste we got in Season 1, Episode 18 “Take These Chains From My Heart” was a good one. So, while we wait for him to stop hurting Scarlett (Clare Bowen), to treat Will (Chris Carmack) as a real friend, and to get his life together, at least we have this song.

In Episode 18, Gunnar and Will performed at open mic at Tootsie’s, singing “Gun For a Mouth,” which will appear on the Music of Nashville: Season 1, Volume 2 album, which drops May 7. Although we only got to see a snippet of the song, its a great direction for Gunnar’s sound as he figures out who he is as an artist. Here are the lyrics we could discern from his performance:

Found a girl and I gave her a ring
She was everything I’m looking for
It’s over now and this is how
I lost the war

Well my head got heavy as a Christmas cake
And I made a break for the door
It sucks so young (?)
You shot your tongue
I lost the war

But you’re not the only one
with a gun for a mouth
No you’re not the only one
With a gun

And the red headed angel in the wings
Singing lay down your sword
It’s over now
And this is how I lost the war

But you’re not the only one
with a gun for a mouth
Yeah x 7

05.3.2013 / 04:06 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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