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New Dad Dax Shepard Says He’s Only Left Home Twice Since Daughter’s Birth

Dax Shepard is going stir crazy!

He and Kristen Bell welcomed their first child, daughter Lincoln, on March 28. Since then, he's rarely been able to leave the house.

According to Us Weekly, Dax hosted CASA of Los Angeles' "Evening of Dreams Gala" at the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire Hotel, and joked to the audience, "Thank you guys so much for having me. I'm so glad Zach Braff passed on this!" He added, "I have a five-week-old daughter at home, and this is the second time I've left the house in five weeks so thank you so much for having this event tonight. I'm available tomorrow night if you want to go round two." If you're curious about the other time, he said it was a trip to Costco. "Have you guys seen Costco? This place has ample parking, a super liberal return policy, and there's no babies!… I went and left the house and it felt like a bachelor party in Vegas! I strolled those aisles. I went and lifted everything up off the shelves. I strolled the aisles for four or five hours!"

Welcome to parenthood, Parenthood star! Usually you hear about moms needing to remember what the real world is like, but it sounds like that job is now going to dad Dax (who is just joking around and probably loves every second with his little lady). Kristen has her Veronica Mars movie coming up, as well as her hosting gig with the CMT Awards, so he may want to enjoy his excursions while he can!

Source: Us Weekly