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The X Factor

One of the One Direction Guys Is Probably Gay, Says ‘N Sync’s Lance Bass

For everyone who's not a teenage girl publicly in love with one (or more) of the One Direction guys, their images as totally-straight guys is a wee bit questionable. If there's absolutely zero same-sex attraction going on there, then the British lads are, at the very least, super-bromantic.

And according to former boy-bander Lance Bass, who publicly came out as gay in 2006, it's highly likely that one of them plays for the other team.

The former 'N Sync member was a guest on a recent episode of the web series "The Rubin Report," which covered the recent coming-out of basketball star Jason Collins.

Riffing on the topic at hand, host Dave Rubin said that Hollywood culture is also a bastion of closeted-ness.

"If you took one of these One Direction kids," he speculated, "my guess is that one of them is gay."

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"Well, statistically speaking, you know, one of them probably is," Lance said.

"It's crazy with a market like that, because [it's] is 100 percent young women and they fantasize about these guys. Then you have the record labels and everyone kind of grooming you to make sure that you don't even mention that you have a girlfriend."

Lance talks about his own time in the closet, saying that his own sexuality threatened to destroy the professional lives of his bandmates.

"I felt like I had four of my best friends' careers in my hands ... I felt that if anyone found out that it would be the end of the group, everyone would completely make fun of us, and we would no longer make music anymore. Which might have happened."

What do you think, 1D fans? Is one of your beloved boys going in a different direction? Or are Dave and Lance totally off base?

Source: The Rubin Report

05.3.2013 / 09:50 PM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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